At a time when new technologies are constantly emerging, one industry has got investors looking up. WAY up. All the way into space.

Enthusiasm for space has been reignited in recent years as the economic prospects and technological innovations that lie within the grasp of humanity’s final frontier come into sharper focus.

What are some of the biggest bets on space companies? Here’s advice from financial experts on how to factor this unique sector into your investment plan.

The vast space industry involves everything from asteroid mining to tourism, defense to telecommunications, and climate science. Some analysts predict space will be a trillion-dollar industry by 2040.

New Frontiers

While many new ventures are launching, several big names currently stand out as the titans of the private space race over the past decade.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX, an industry leader that aims for the human colonization of Mars, is now readying for the launch of Starship – its biggest launch ever. Yet takeoff remains pending after the launch was delayed at its southern Texas facility in the final minutes to countdown on April 17.

Crash Landing

There is considerable risk involved in investing too heavily in these moonshot ambitions.

“If you hold these private companies in your portfolio, either because you previously worked there and were granted shares or through private investments, you need to understand the volatile nature of the space industry,” explains Sandhu.

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