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When His Community’s Road Faces Shutdown by Wealthy Neighbors, His Online Revenge Unleashes a Traffic Avalanche They Didn’t Expect.

In a tale of two neighborhoods, the Original Poster (OP) shares his community’s struggle over a newly built public road, sparking conflict and resentment with a wealthier neighborhood. The clash reaches a boiling point when he makes an act of petty revenge online.

A Community Divided

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The construction of a new public road connecting two neighborhoods causes tension between residents. The increased traffic angers those in the wealthier neighborhood, while the original poster’s (OP) community wants to use the road to avoid congestion. The town’s mayor becomes involved, allegedly assisting in the installation of illegal street signs that favor the wealthy neighborhood.

Media Escalation

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The OP’s neighborhood raises the issue with media outlets trying to expose the mayor’s corrupt actions. They also file formal complaints with the city. The Police Department begins patrolling the area, checking driver’s licenses to determine if they belong in the wealthy neighborhood.

Public Road Confusion

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Confusion arises as to whether the road is public or private. OP states, “It’s a public road. Always has been. Probably always will be.” The wealthier neighborhood’s residents claim the road is a “gift” from them, but others argue it is public property.

The Shortcut to Davis Ranch

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To poke fun at the situation, OP’s neighbor creates a point of interest on Google Maps called “Shortcut to Davis Ranch.” They hope this will further annoy the wealthier residents, who are already upset by the increased traffic. Many neighbors leave five-star reviews and hilarious comments to draw attention to the shortcut.

Traffic Troubles

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The OP’s neighborhood originally had only one road in and out, which led to traffic jams during rush hour and school hours. The new public road was intended to alleviate these issues by providing a secondary exit. Despite the road’s purpose, the wealthier residents are still unhappy.

Public Works Plan

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The public works plan to build the secondary exit had always been in place. It just so happens to connect the two neighborhoods through a portion of the wealthier community. As predicted, the new road saves 15-20 minutes off the commute.

Outrage on Social Media

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Residents of the wealthier neighborhood begin posting angry messages on several online platforms, claiming their lives have been ruined. One person says, “This road has derailed mine and my wife’s life plans.” They call for the road to be designated “emergency use only” and threaten to sue the city.

Surveillance and Counting

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As traffic increases, the wealthier neighborhood’s residents start taking pictures of cars driving through the new road and counting them daily. They’re determined to prove that the increased traffic is harming their community.

Billing the HOA

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The wealthier residents attempt to send the OP’s neighborhood’s Homeowners Association (HOA) bills for the public road. The OP reminds them that the road is public, and they didn’t pay for it. This act further highlights the tension between the two communities.

Pretentious Behavior

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The OP describes the wealthier residents as pretentious, questioning their sense of entitlement. While they understand the inconvenience, the OP feels their entire neighborhood is being unfairly targeted. They believe the situation has become comical.

Google Maps Pettiness

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The Google Maps point of interest, “Shortcut to Davis Ranch,” is created to further irk wealthier residents. The OP’s neighborhood takes pride in their collective pettiness, delighting in the annoyance it causes.

The Unstoppable Shortcut

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Despite the wealthy neighborhood’s efforts to deter drivers from using the new road, the Google Maps shortcut continues to be the top recommended route. As a result, the residents of the wealthier community find themselves unable to prevent the influx of traffic. The power of modern technology seems to be working against them, leaving them frustrated and bewildered.

Was The Community’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “100+ reviews and all 5*. Therefore, it is the best shortcut ever.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another reader wrote: “I love the comments on your maps shortcut!”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states: “If someone were to advertise about a big wealthy community garage sale weekend in that neighborhood, imagine how much traffic they’d get.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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