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8 Best Ways Gen Z Is Investing Their Money

Investing is a loaded word. With today’s market economy fluctuating daily and the job market waxing and waning, it’s difficult to place bets on which stocks to invest in and which to skip. Boomers invested in home equity, retirement, and personal stocks; meanwhile, Gen Z stresses the importance of other investments. Please read below to see how Gen Z chooses to grow their money.

1. Growth Stocks

For those who don’t know how to comprehend stock talk, growth stocks permit the money to expand over time. Growth stocks focus on companies with higher growth rates than value stocks. Growth stock investors believe the over-appreciation of the company yields more money in the long run than a value stock.

2. Cryptocurrency

Who doesn’t love cryptocurrency? Digital currency is an on-the-nose investment platform for these iPad-loving kids. According to a survey on NASDAQ, almost 55% of Gen Z dishes out money to crypto stocks.

3. ESG Stocks

Considering their future depends on the world’s health. That one of the most famous climate activists, Greta Thunberg, is a Gen Zer herself, it makes sense that the population encompassing 11 to 26-year-olds put money toward environmental campaigns and companies.

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance, fostering sustainability and responsible climate practices. ESG brands include Tesla and Intuit.

4. Retirement

Anyone making any payment today knows that living is expensive. Last year, the apartment complex I lived in raised the rent by $800 a month, pricing out most residents and opening their doors to the elite upper class.

To avoid future housing issues, Gen Z allows a certain amount of money a year toward their retirement plans; some have designated 401(k)s with their professions. I attended middle school with students already investing in their retirement funds. They avoided field trips and school outings to save the money for retirement, quite an upsetting idea, but hey, it’s expensive out there.

5. Bonds

Bonds are the perfect starter kit for blossoming economists. 24% of Gen Z invest in the loan system. For bonds, a company or loaner dishes out money to a bond buyer, promising to pay the face value of the bond and payments twice a year.

6. Real Estate

30% of Gen Z state they invest income in real estate. Like any market, real estate faces high and low seasons, but if you can stick through the ruts, the successful seasons make the investment worth the dry spells. Although flipping houses is controversial, it is a popular method among investors to make money.

7. Healthcare

Financers who allocate funds to healthcare stocks or accounts care about more than making money back. Similar to ESGs, healthcare investments strive to better the human condition. Healthcare stocks channel a direct line to companies influencing the outcomes of medicinal prices, vaccine administration and creation, and other lifesaving drugs such as cancer medicine and devices for heart health.

8. Information Technology Stocks

Technology dominates the world. That’s not a secret, and unless you live off the grid, you witness technology in everyday life. In less wealthy countries, technology implementation tries to close the gap between wealth disparities and access to education. In more affluent countries, technology fuels the modern medicine scene, transportation, and safety.

Though digital advances pose hindrances toward mental health and several behavioral skills, technology is a helpful tool, and information technology stocks lead the trade market. Apple, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Microsoft, and AT&T are high-profit information technology stocks.

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