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Customers Thought They Could Dine and Dash, But This Waitress Had a Surprise Waiting for Them.

In an upscale French restaurant, a waitress (OP) endures the abrasive behavior of a young couple determined to dine-and-dash. As tensions rise and plans unravel, OP finds herself caught in an unexpected power play.

A Night at the French Restaurant

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Working in a high-end French restaurant, OP earned a meager income despite the restaurant’s soaring prices. Located next to a university, the restaurant’s owner generously donated to the school, though he paid his employees the bare minimum and the student customers did not leave generous tips. One night, a young couple embodying the “rich kids” stereotype walked in.

The Insolent Couple

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Assigned to their table, OP faced immediate criticisms about the service, music, and language of the menu. After ordering a $600 bottle of wine and flaunting their college student IDs, the couple insulted the OP, with the female customer saying to her partner, “[the waitress] is trying to flatter you by saying you look young. Look, sweetie [turning to me], it won’t get you a bigger tip, so save the a** kissing.”

Handling Personal Attacks

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The couple continued expressing offensive remarks towards the OP throughout the duration of the meal and service. The couple continued their ostentatious display, ordering the priciest items on the menu and incessantly taking selfies. The harsh treatment made OP feel like a punching bag.

An Overheard Plan

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While standing in a hidden nook of the restaurant close to the table, the OP overheard the couple discussing a dine-and-dash plan, intending to make her pay for their extravagant meal. The conversation revealed their condescending views towards the OP. This new twist fueled OP’s resolve to be prepared for any outcome.

The Bill and the Bathroom Excuse

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As the evening drew to a close, the couple’s tab reached nearly $1,000. The boy smugly asked for the bill, triggering the first phase of their plan: the girl excused herself and headed towards the parking lot. OP could sense the unfolding scheme.


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Anticipating their dishonest strategy, the OP texted the valet with instructions not to release their car until the boy paid. Meanwhile, the boy waited for a moment when OP seemed busy with other guests. The restaurant team began to work together to prevent the couple’s escape.

Locking Down the Restaurant

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The hostess was now aware of the impending scam and discreetly locked the main entrance. As new customers arrived and old ones left, he kept the door locked, always watching the boy. The restaurant staff collaborated to avoid a potential catastrophe, knowing their boss wouldn’t intervene.

The Failed Escape

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The boy, seeing his car outside, made a move for the door, only to find it locked. Thwarted and confused, he looked for alternative exits. OP and the hostess confronted him with the unpaid bill, adding an unexpected twist to his plan.

The Girlfriend’s Failed Attempt

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Outside, the girl was trying to coax the keys from the valet, who stood his ground, refusing to release the car. The hostess called the police, escalating the situation. The boy was now trapped, faced with a stern hostess, a locked door, and an unpaid bill.

The Manager and the Customers’ Intervention

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Eventually, the manager emerged, not knowing the situation and initially siding with the boy. However, witnessing customers voiced their support for OP and threatened not to return if the manager didn’t side with the OP and hostess. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the manager filed a police report when they arrived, much to the boy’s dismay.

The Boy’s Downfall

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The boy pleaded with the manager, assuring him that his father could cover the bill. Upon recognizing the boy as a student of the university he donated generously to, the boss decided to inform the school about the couple’s thievery. The couple faced expulsion and criminal charges for their attempted theft.

Legal Consequences

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After attempting to steal over $1000 worth of goods and services, the couple faced legal repercussions. Although their wealthy parents likely saved them from jail, they still acquired stress and possible reprimand from the school and possibly the law, tarnishing their futures. The experience taught the couple a valuable lesson about the consequences of their actions.

A New Beginning for OP

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Within three months, OP secured a better job as a bank teller and left the restaurant. In another year, she would complete her business degree, propelling her closer to her dreams. Despite the couple’s cruel words, OP found pride in her honest work and refused to be shamed.

Poetic Justice

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The arrogant couple had intended to ruin OP’s livelihood, but their plan backfired spectacularly. The story concluded with poetic justice, instilling a hard lesson in humility and showcasing the consequences of their deceitful actions.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Wouldn’t you be making bank at a place like this? My sister worked in a restaurant like this and regularly took home $500 a shift in tips.”

Another responder wrote: “I really doubt your front of house would have locked the doors with customers inside, one because it’s a horrible customer experience for a high-end restaurant like you’re describing, and two because it’s a massive OSHA violation and a huge fire code violation to lock your customers inside of a business.”

A different person states, “Okay, look OP, I believe you up until the “my manager was taking his side and suddenly overwhelmed by the sudden support of the crowd!”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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