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Her Father Promised to Pay For Her Wedding, But Bride Is Shocked When Her Stepmother Insists the Entire Wedding Is Vegan.

In an escalating clash of ideologies, a woman confronts her father’s new partner’s extreme vegan beliefs, which have started intruding into her personal life and even the planning of her own wedding. A shocking twist puts her planned wedding at risk, leaving OP with a critical decision that will forever impact her family dynamics.

Childhood Promises

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The original poster (OP), a 30-year-old woman, reflects on a promise her father made during her childhood to finance her wedding. As years pass, OP looks forward to this generous offer, foreseeing a day filled with joy, love, and cherished family memories. However, unforeseen changes in her father’s life threaten this long-standing promise.

A New Relationship Arises

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Five years ago, OP’s father entered a new relationship with a woman of intense beliefs whose lifestyle is strictly vegan. While the woman’s dietary choices aren’t inherently a problem, her judgmental attitude towards OP’s lifestyle begins to create tension. The strain grows as the woman introduces increasingly radical views into the family dynamic.

A Battle of Beliefs

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The woman begins to interfere in OP’s life, expressing harsh judgment over OP’s health choices and even her child’s diet. She even goes as far as to conduct a funeral for chicken bones from a meal OP had prepared. The woman’s actions amplify the friction between her and OP, igniting a conflict that seems to have no end in sight.

Accusations of Greed

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After the woman’s father dies, she wrongly accuses OP of attempting to steal her inheritance. Despite having never met the woman’s father, OP becomes entangled in a web of false accusations, further widening the divide between her, her father, and the father’s wife.

Wedding Fund On Condition

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Under the influence of his wife, OP’s father declares he will only fund OP’s wedding if it adheres to strict vegan principles. This not only pertains to the menu but extends to shoes, alcohol, the attire of the guests, and anything else one could imagine. The father’s stipulations on his funding put OP in a moral and ethical bind, leaving her grappling with a decision.

Crossing the Line

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The woman continues her campaign of discord, extending her disrespect and rude behavior to OP’s mother. The wedding planning process, meant to be a time of joy, becomes a battlefield as the woman’s actions start to poison familial relationships. OP’s frustration and concern over the woman’s intrusive influence reach a tipping point.

A Final Decision

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OP makes the heart-wrenching decision that her father and his partner should not attend the wedding. This decision, though difficult, is driven by a desire to protect her wedding day, her siblings, and her mother from the escalating tension. OP, determined to avoid a lecture-filled day, puts her foot down.

Unjust Defamation

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In response to OP’s decision, the woman spreads misinformation to the father’s side of the family. She falsely claims that OP is bitter over not receiving the inheritance and is purely motivated by money regarding the wedding. The woman’s deceit continues to widen the chasm between OP and her father.

Clarifying Misunderstandings

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Despite the ongoing conflict, OP stands firm that her decision isn’t about the money but about her right to enjoy her wedding day without undue control or judgment. She resents the idea of her and her guests being subjected to lectures about veganism during the event. Her wish to ensure a day of joy, free from tension, remains the primary motivation behind her actions.

An Unexpected Ally

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One of OP’s distant relatives, hearing about the ongoing saga, comes to OP’s aid. This relative, fed up with the woman’s intrusive behavior, rallies support among the family for OP. This twist lends OP some much-needed strength as she prepares for the big day.

A Bitter Decision

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The story concludes on a sad but optimistic note by the OP. She is disappointed that her father won’t support the wedding financially but feels relief in knowing her day won’t be influenced or overshadowed by her stepmother’s lectures or rules.

Was The Woman’s Decision Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I think you’re right that it will be better if they don’t come since they can’t keep themselves from trying to control everything and everyone around them. It’s insufferable, and you don’t need that headache on your wedding day.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Personally, I’d be upset how [your father] let her ruin the relationship between you. Because yes, she sounds like a person who does not like you, and you have suffered under her comments, but he continues to let it happen.

I think the only strong signal that can be set is to not ask him about any money, but ask him that he doesn’t come to your wedding. She neither, but I would not have invited her in the first place.”

A Third View On The Story

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A different person states, “When it comes to weddings, money is power. Have the wedding you can afford, make 100% of the choices yourself, and do what is right for yourself and those you love. If your father has chosen this person over you, it is time to break contact – you don’t need that in your life.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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