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Chef Serves Up Gourmet Dishes in Upscale Restaurant, But Here’s What He Does to Rude Customers’ Orders.

Working in an upscale restaurant comes with challenges, especially when dealing with entitled and rude customers. The Original Poster (OP) has had enough, navigating a series of culinary confrontations ranging from inconsistent croutons to an absurd amount of pickles. Just when you think these customers are unbeatable, OP concocts some petty yet masterful revenge that alters their behavior, but will it last?

The Introduction

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OP is committed to his career and food safety but enjoys performing petty yet noticeable forms of revenge against rude customers. The restaurant where OP works is in an upscale area, attracting an often entitled and elitist clientele.

The Older Ladies

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OP works in an upscale restaurant where two older women come in and treat the staff rudely. The server gives OP a heads-up about the pair, forewarning that they’re likely to be problematic. OP knows just how to handle these type of guests.

The Crouton Affair

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When they complain about the inconsistent size of croutons in their Caesar salads, OP serves them new salads: one with unusually large croutons and another with tiny ones. The women eat without further complaints.

Pickle Predicament

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OP normally serves three pickles on a burger, adding three more for each “extra” specified by the customer. A man orders a burger with “extra, extra, extra pickles.” Initially given 12, he insists on more.

Pickle Solution

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OP removes all the original pickles and adds 20-25 of the smallest slices he could find. The man eats the burger without further comment. After all, if they were 20 large pickle slices, they wouldn’t fit on the bun.

Onion Overload

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OP believes the customer is rarely right. One of his regular customers always requests an excessive amount of onion rings on her burger, demanding 30 initially, then continually sends the server back for more, purely to inconvenience the staff.

The Raw Deal

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OP thwarts the entitled woman’s routine by serving her an entire sliced red onion on her plate, which she leaves untouched, interpreting the chef’s message loud and clear: Enough is enough. The next time she comes to the restaurant, she orders an extra side of onion rings and doesn’t bother the staff for more.

The Shrimp Showdown

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Another regular customer always places the same complicated order for pickup 15 minutes before closing, treating the staff poorly in the process. This customer orders six shrimp pasta dishes, demanding each portion of shrimp be separately packaged for each dish, a hugely time-consuming task.

The Shrimp Solution

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A difficult customer routinely orders six shrimp pasta dishes with specific packaging requirements meant to inconvenience the staff. One night, OP packages each of her 288 shrimp individually in ramekins.

Counting Containers

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The difficult customer counts them all, ultimately accepting a more reasonable packaging approach. After the encounter, she starts allowing more reasonable packaging, starts tipping, and eventually stops coming to the restaurant altogether.

Steak Wars

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One day, a lady sends back a medium rare ribeye, saying it was too pink even though she hadn’t even cut into it. So, OP flips the steak over and sends it back out without putting it back on the grill. The server comes back saying she said it was perfect.

Assorted Boneless Wings

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Another time, a table of three women ordered 11 boneless wings each. One ordered hers as buffalo wings, straight up, which OP appreciated. The other two had a dozen modifications and add-ons. So, they each got 11 quarter-sized wings, and the friend with the straightforward order got silver-dollar-sized, and a few that were two stuck together that he counted as one.

Was The Chef’s Behavior Appropriate?

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Fed up with his demanding clientele, yet proud of his successful revenge tactics, OP posts his story online for the public to see. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “I work fast food, and I had a regular who would always request extra tomatoes on his sandwich. My boss lost it when I served the guy his sandwich with the correct number of tomatoes PLUS a full tomato on his tray with a plastic knife.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I was a cook at a burger joint and every Saturday, this couple would come in five minutes before closing and order two double half-pounders extra-well done. One day, I decided to throw them in the fryer. They stopped to say that the burgers tasted better than usual this time.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “As an ex-executive chef. Thank you for this. I genuinely enjoyed these. They’re not mean or gross kitchen pranks but literal translations of the stupid. Excuse me, customers’ requests.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Oh, I am SO impressed with your King Petty revenge. I’m also pleased you don’t stoop to gutter revenge. Good on you. You are brilliant, Sir.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a thread from an online forum.

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