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10 of the Most Unusual Things You Can Invest in For the Future

Investing in the future is one way to build wealth if you were not born into it. In recent times, however, traditional investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and Wall Street’s near-endless list of financial instruments have become unpredictable. Surprisingly, there are many unconventional businesses people do to make a killing. Check out some of the unusual investments others are raking a fortune from.

1. Burial Plot

Burial plots grow increasingly limited because people die every day. This results in a surge in land value. Odd and gory as it may sound, burial plots can fetch you substantial profit, especially when you invest in the long term. Before investing in burial plots, you should ensure you can legally resell them anytime.

2. Crowdfunding Real Estate

Real estate is a goldmine, having outperformed stocks in the last three decades. It is equally expensive and appears reserved for those who can afford to spend the cash. One unusual way to invest in real estate if you can’t afford an outright buyout is to crowdfund.

In crowdfunding, you join other investors to buy parts of an apartment for way less money than you’ll need to go all out on your own. For example, you may rent a room and cash in on some monthly income.

3. Wine

You may be familiar with the saying, “the older the wine, the better it tastes,” it turns out the older the wine, the more its worth increases. So storing wine, especially those with substantial brand equity until they age, can make you millions.

4. Sports Teams

Sports teams in the English premiership or National Basketball League are exclusive of billionaires, but owning lower division sports teams can be in the hundreds of thousands, which makes it achievable.

You could pool funding with interested partners to close the buy if the price seems unaffordable. Big sports teams can also be traded publicly, and you would only need a few thousand bucks to invest.

5. Vintage Cars

You can buy cars and safely park them in your garage for a massive future sale. Vintage vehicles, like classic cars, are usually expensive due to their scarcity and as an archive of memories or a long-lost past. For example, according to Bloomberg Markets Magazine, Feraris made 60 to 70 years ago raked in tens of millions of dollars in prices.

6. Cannabis

Investment in cannabis used to be a taboo business line that could get law enforcement knocking on your door. Recently, more states have legalized marijuana and CBD products, and an entire multi-billion-dollar industry worth $13.2 billion has come out of it. Despite the colossal size, it is still a newbie social niche that can fetch you a sizable income.

7. Cheap Land

Urban lands will cost you a fortune, but you can earn a fortune over time by investing in cheap lands. This is because urban centers were once rural settlements, and time is the currency of value appreciation. Cheap land can guarantee you a rewarding retirement if you invest early.

8. Music Royalties

Than ever before, figures earned from music royalties are at their all-time high, with A-list performers turning into millionaires in a few years. Some sites offer investment shares on songs that could become a hit and earn you annual returns.

9. Lean Hogs

You’ve probably tasted the delicious piece of meat, but have you ever considered it an investment option? Hogs had a turnout of 11.5 percent annually in 3 years. Time to give it a check.

10. Parking Lots

High traffic is usually the signature of big cities, and a parking lot can earn you enormous income since it offers a garage for cars whose drivers need a break. You could issue tickets for one-time use or rent them out for hundreds of dollars monthly.