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13 Unnecessary Jobs That Offer Little Value and Should Be Phased Out

While certain jobs appear crucial to society, others are perplexing and leave us pondering their significance. We reviewed some of the most peculiar and useless jobs that exist today and considered how they lasted this long.

Gas Station Attendant

gas station jobs
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Due to self-service pumps and digital payment systems, it is a wonder that gas station attendants still exist in some regions. Their primary tasks include fueling vehicles, cleaning windshields, and taking payment, all of which are easily performed by customers themselves. Consequently, attendants’ roles have diminished in necessity and practicality, rendering the job largely redundant.

Sign Spinner

woman holding ad sign jobs
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A sign spinner stands on the side of the road and spins a sign to advertise a business. It may catch the attention of a passerby, but it’s hard to believe in the modern age it’s still used as a legitimate form of advertising.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

male journalist writer job
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In today’s digital age, it’s common for people to hire someone to write their online dating profile. However, the job of an online dating ghostwriter takes things to a whole new level. These individuals are employed to create an entire persona for their clients, which can include everything from writing their bio to responding to messages on their behalf. 

Image Consultant

woman laptop working jobs
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An image consultant helps individuals improve their appearance, behavior, and communication skills to project a more positive image. While this may seem useful for celebrities and public figures, it’s hard to justify the high fees they charge for these services.


man Paparazzi
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The job of a paparazzi is to capture photos of celebrities in their private moments and sell them to the highest bidder. Some may argue that it’s a necessary evil to keep celebrities in check; others see it as a complete invasion of privacy.

Self-Storage Manager

male storage unit
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The job of a self-storage manager is to oversee a facility where people can store their belongings. Storage might be a demanded service, but it is hard to justify the need for an on-site manager to oversee a bunch of storage units. 

Lifeguard at the Swimming Pool at the Olympics  

professional lifeguards jobs
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While it may seem like a glamorous job to work as a lifeguard at the Olympics, the reality is that it’s a tedious job. The odds of someone drowning in the pool are slim to none, and most of the time is spent sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing. So why do they need a lifeguard at all?

Homeopathy Healer

woman healer jobs
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Homeopathy is a practice that involves using highly diluted substances to treat illnesses. Homeopathic practitioners believe that the solutions retain the “memory” of the original mixture, even when diluted to the point that none of the original solutions remains. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of homeopathy, practitioners still charge exorbitant fees for their services. 

Odor Tester

woman sweat odor
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Odor testers assess the scents of various products and environments, often receive salaries that seem disproportionately high when compared to the skill set required for the position. While it is true that a keen sense of smell is essential for success in the role, the relatively low barrier to entry and the minimal training required do not seem to justify the generous compensation. 

Luxury Concierge

Woman Concierge job
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A luxury concierge is a professional who helps the ultra-rich with every whim and desire, including booking private jets to secure reservations at exclusive restaurants. Glamorous job to some but can also be incredibly demanding because luxury concierges must be available all day long. 

Weatherman in San Diego

woman meteorologist jobs
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Being a weatherman in San Diego might sound like a dream job because the city is known for its sunny skies and mild temperatures. With minimal variation in the weather from day to day, weather forecasters in San Diego often spend most of their time coming up with new and interesting ways to report on the weather.

Video Store Owner

male puzzled
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In the age of Netflix and other streaming services, owning a video store might seem doomed. However, some die-hard fans of physical media still prefer to rent DVDs or Blu-rays from a brick-and-mortar store. The job of a video store owner is not just about stocking shelves with movies; it also involves maintaining relationships with distributors, managing inventory, and dealing with the occasional irritating customer.

Restroom Attendant

woman attendant jobs
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Restroom attendants are typically seen in high-end restaurants, nightclubs, and other establishments where customers are expected to dress up and behave in a certain way. The job of a restroom attendant is to keep the restrooms clean and well-stocked and provide customers with various amenities, such as mints, hand towels, and even cologne.

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