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He Tried Out a New Blind Dating Program, Hoping for a Healthy Match, But When He Saw She Was Obese, He Made a Quick Escape.

The Original Poster (OP) dives into a university “blind date” program, lured by the promise of a free dinner and gift card. But when the night unfolds, OP’s hopeful anticipation clashes with a reality far removed from their expectations. A hasty exit and an avoided confrontation set the stage for deep introspection and potential regret.

The University’s Blind Date Program

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The university’s club launched a “blind date” initiative, where students can submit preferences to be matched by a dedicated team. As it’s in beta testing, they offer incentives like gift cards for participation.

Taking a Leap

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Intrigued by the idea and the potential rewards, OP’s friends join and encourage OP to do the same. Though slightly skeptical, OP considers going on a blind date. The free dinner, with the incentive of a gift card, makes the proposition seem worthwhile.

Setting Preferences

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Upon registering, OP notes a key preference: an interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles. The platform only allows for indicating likes, not dislikes. OP hopes to meet someone who similarly values a healthy lifestyle.

The Anticipation Builds

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After submitting the preferences, OP receives details of the selected restaurant and the designated time for the date. Both parties confirm their attendance, setting the stage for the awaited evening.

An Early Arrival

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OP arrives at the restaurant a tad earlier than the scheduled time. Scanning the venue, OP spots an obese woman seated alone at a table. OP has a sinking feeling that this must be his intended date.

A Sinking Feeling

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An overwhelming sense of disappointment engulfs OP. This isn’t what he had in mind when indicating a preference for someone into fitness. The realization that this woman might be the date causes distress.

A Hasty Exit

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Unable to handle the situation, OP quickly exits the restaurant. He decides on a last-minute text to the woman, vaguely explaining an inability to attend. OP refrains from detailing the real reason.

Silence Echoes

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After sending the text, OP waits for a response, but none comes. The weight of the situation intensifies—regret and guilt cloud OP’s thoughts. The original draw of the gift card no longer appealed to OP.

A Tough Conversation

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Curious about OP’s experience, the program organizers approach him for feedback. When prompted about the lack of input and unclaimed gift card, OP bluntly states the reason for his discontent.

Walking Away

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With raw emotions, OP exits the scene, leaving the organizers baffled. Embarrassment, anger, and disappointment make OP question the entire endeavor. There was no way to specify dislikes or deal breakers.

Rethinking Preferences

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OP reflects on the decision to indicate a healthy lifestyle as a key preference. The limitations of the platform become evident. Back with their friend circle, OP recounts the evening’s events in painstaking detail.

Among Friends

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The friends, who had encouraged participation, listened intently. Different reactions and opinions fill the room. The incident forces OP to confront personal biases. The realization that snap judgments were made based on physical appearance causes discomfort.

Avoiding the Follow-Up

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The program’s organizers attempt to understand OP’s experience better. Despite their outreach, OP remains distant, avoiding further engagement. The wounds from the evening are still fresh. As days pass, OP grapples with the consequences of their actions.

The Unsent Apology

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The weight of the guilt intensifies. Questions about personal values and biases surface more frequently. OP contemplates reaching out to the woman with an apology. Drafts of texts and messages are written and deleted.

An Unfinished Story

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The incident at the restaurant becomes a pivotal moment for OP. It serves as a lesson about snap judgments, personal biases, and the importance of empathy. While unresolved feelings linger, it’s an experience OP is unlikely to forget.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “You’re allowed to have a preference and type, but you stood someone up who made time to meet you. You could have at least had a conversation and told her you weren’t interested. You signed up for a blind date. It wasn’t like you were misled.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “You didn’t have to marry the poor girl or ever see her again. You couldn’t take an hour out of your busy and important life to get to know another human being? Honestly, I’m speechless. Good luck to you.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Nobody is saying he had to fancy her and keep dating her. Nobody is saying he isn’t allowed to find one body time rather than another attractive. Walking out on a blind date this woman didn’t set up for an experiment he had volunteered for wasted everyone’s time.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “You volunteered for a blind date. You didn’t have to marry this person or even touch them. Are you so shallow that you can’t have fat friends? You can’t even figure out how to converse with a fellow human being for 45 minutes. Wow. Just. Wow.”

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