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A Couple’s Unconventional Water-Only Wedding Angers Their Family and Creates a Boycott Among the Guests.

In an unprecedented move, the original poster (OP) and her husband decide to host a ‘water-only’ wedding, stirring discontent and confusion among their extensive family. This leads to a surprising climax where family members threaten to boycott the event, leaving the couple torn between sticking to their principles or caving into the pressure.

The Impending Nuptials

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OP and her husband are preparing for their wedding later in the year. They are solely financing the entire event, along with some help from OP’s grandmother. The guest list is long, with around 100-150 family members, many of whom are children.

A Different Kind of Celebration

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Despite the large number of children in their families, OP and her husband decided to welcome them at their wedding. In a surprising twist, they opt to make their big day an alcohol-free affair. Not a decision made because of the children but because they themselves do not indulge in alcohol.

An Unusual Choice of Beverage

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Adding to the unconventional nature of the wedding, OP reveals that only water will be provided as a drink for the guests. This stems from the couple’s personal habits of mainly consuming water and very rarely partaking in other beverages. Even coffee doesn’t make an appearance in their daily routine.

Balancing the Budget

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With a large number of guests and a professionally catered menu, expenses are racking up for OP. They are equally eager to reduce total costs by serving only water, bypassing the additional expense of alcohol or soda.

The Storm of Discontent

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The revelation of the alcohol-free and water-only wedding stirs a wave of anger among their families and friends. While some guests are indifferent, a significant number are upset, believing that at least some alternative to water should be provided. OP and her husband stand firm in their decision.

The Plea for Soda

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The family complaints intensify, arguing that the absence of soda will disappoint the children. They insist that a wedding celebration with only water is unheard of and boring. The event will lack the usual fun and spirit, they assert.

The Open Bar Controversy

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As tensions rise, the disgruntled guests propose a cash bar. They suggest that OP and her husband could easily provide this without incurring personal costs. But the couple remains resolute, not wanting to engage with the idea of involving alcohol in their wedding.

Questioning the Norm

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Family and friends maintain that this water-only decision deviates significantly from typical wedding traditions. They express that the absence of alternative beverages could ruin the festive atmosphere. The common notion of how weddings should be conducted is questioned.

The Surprise Boycott

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In an unexpected turn of events, some family members threaten to boycott the wedding if the beverage situation doesn’t change. This escalation takes OP and her husband by surprise, adding another layer of stress to their wedding planning.

The Mediation Attempt

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One of the couple’s close friends offers to mediate, trying to reach a compromise. The intention is to find a solution that keeps the peace while respecting OP and her husband’s wishes. The outcome of this intervention, however, is still uncertain.

The Unforeseen Alliances

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Alliances begin to form within the family, some supporting OP’s water-only decision while others staunchly oppose it. The wedding has inadvertently turned into a battlefield, with the beverage choice being the controversial flag at the center.

The Final Decision

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OP and her husband make their final decision after much consideration. They take a stand, believing it to be the best choice for their wedding and their relationship. Regardless of the potential fallout, they are ready to face the consequences.

The Aftermath

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The wedding concludes, leaving a trail of mixed reactions and a lot of frustrations from several guests. While some family members still grumble about the lack of traditional beverages, others praise the unique, personal touch to the celebration. In the end, only a few individuals actually boycott the wedding and don’t attend.

The controversial ‘water-only’ wedding, although contentious, is remembered as an event that challenged conventions.

Was The Couple’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I don’t have anything against dry weddings, but surely you can offer something other than just water. Iced Tea? Lemonade? Something with flavor?”

Another responder wrote: “I hope that in 20 years everyone is still saying “you remember that wedding we had to smuggle in a 2 liter of Pepsi?”

A different person states, “I’ve been to dry weddings. There was a couple that put real thought and effort into designing mocktails themed around their relationship. It was delightful, and everyone connected to the couple through it.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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