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She Just Wanted to Walk Her Dogs in Peace on Her Inherited Land, But Intruders and the Police Turned It Into a Day She’d Never Forget.

On a vast piece of inherited land, the Original Poster (OP) experiences a startling encounter with unexpected motorbike trespassers. As tensions escalate, OP decides to involve the police, leading to a climactic confrontation that challenges notions of private property and public entitlement.

Legacy of Land

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OP’s mother inherited a vast tract of land from her grandfather, originally meant for subdivision development. However, the grandfather had grown fond of the land and envisioned it as a family homestead. After his passing, OP’s mother was left as its sole caretaker.

A Solo Visit

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Living separately, OP decided to pay a visit to their mother on Thanksgiving to spend some quality time together and share a meal. Both were individuals who generally kept to themselves, unlike the rest of the family.

Exploration and Companions

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The land boasted several walking trails, prompting OP to explore them with their dog and their mother’s canine companion. Both dogs roamed freely, unleashed, as they embarked on their adventure.

Rumors of Motorbikes

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Previously, OP’s mom mentioned she might have heard motorbikes on the property. Yet, she never saw them, so uncertainty loomed about their presence on the private land. This lack of evidence made reporting to the police seem unnecessary.

Sudden Encounter

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The vast expanse of the land offered much to explore. While on one of the trails, a motorbike whizzed past OP, narrowly missing their dog. Angered, OP shouted, but the rider didn’t stop. A sense of protectiveness and anger welled up inside OP.

Ready for Evidence

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Anticipating the biker’s return, OP prepped their phone to capture a photo. Sure enough, the biker returned but stopped to ask why OP was taking his picture. OP told him they intended to report the trespassing to the police.

Reaching Out to Authorities

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Without hesitation, OP contacted the police about the trespassing incident as soon as the biker rode away. However, they were informed that there would be a considerable wait before the police could arrive.

Private Property Notices

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OP considered the property’s entrances clearly warned against trespassing, so the motorbikers had no excuse. Signage explicitly stated the land was private. Yet, this didn’t deter some from ignoring the warning.

A Suspicious Truck

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As OP continued their walk, they spotted a truck near a back entrance. Another dirt bike lay in the truck bed, raising OP’s suspicions. A swift decision was made to photograph the truck’s license plate.

Confrontation at the Gate

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Upon taking the photo, a man from the truck questioned OP about an earlier encounter with his friend. Affirming the interaction and informing the man about the police’s impending arrival, OP faced a rude gesture before the man departed.

Disheartening Police Response

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The awaited moment arrived with the police on the scene. However, OP’s hopes were dashed when the officer deemed the report trivial, especially during Thanksgiving. The officer’s nonchalance was evident in his response.

A Land Dilemma

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The officer’s justification for the trespassing lay in the diminishing open lands for biking due to the rise of subdivisions. He posed a rhetorical question about alternative biking spots. This excuse baffled OP.

Standing Ground

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Despite the officer’s lax attitude, OP stood firm, given the clear trespassing on private property. They reiterated the importance of respecting private property and the principle of the matter. Yet, the officer remained indifferent.

Contemplating Further Action

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Given the officer’s lack of concern, OP and their mother considered reporting him. It was a matter of principle and ensuring the right protocols were followed. The land’s sanctity was not something they were willing to compromise on.

The Weight of Legacy

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At the core of this story lies the weighty legacy of the inherited land. While some might view it as a mere piece of land, to OP and their mother, it was a treasure to be guarded. OP wanted to protect their mother’s privacy and their family’s legacy.

Was The Person’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posted the story online for feedback and validation from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “The cop was unprofessional, and I would report him to his supervisor. He had no business in telling you that.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “If clear signs exist, they should know better. If someone gets hurt on your property, then you could be liable. I would file a complaint about the officer who responded to the call.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “My husband has a family friend with a similar problem. After numerous attempts to stop the trespassing, he sank concrete pillars into the trails. People were angry their ATVs were destroyed, but he didn’t care. Also, he was not in any legal trouble regarding this.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “The officer is unprofessional to act that way. It’s not unreasonable to report rude trespassers who were probably damaging the land with their dirt bikes.”

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