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Under the Reign of a Terrible Manager, She Plots an Ingenious Revenge That Leads to a Triumphant Takedown.

The Original Poster (OP) endures a summer of abuse under the tyrannical rule of their restaurant manager, Tracy. As tensions reach a boiling point, OP takes a stand that sparks a series of events, culminating in a dramatic takedown.

A Summer Job with a Dark Side

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OP takes a summer job as a server at a pizza restaurant in a tourist town, needing the money as a university student. Despite the great tips, OP often considers quitting due to a terrible work environment. However, the money keeps them going for another day.

Meet Tracy, the Toxic Manager

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The reason for the horrible job experience is the manager, Tracy, who is hot-headed, irrational, and manipulative. The OP watches Tracy terrorize other servers at the restaurant and tries to keep a low profile to avoid abuse. Tracy’s behavior creates a hostile work environment.

A Pattern of Abuse

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Tracy’s terrible behavior includes screaming at OP over a lack of cutlery and causing physical harm to another server. One guest intervenes and assures OP that they will report Tracy’s behavior. Despite her actions, Tracy manages to avoid consequences.

The Hostess Sister and Stolen Tips

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OP’s sister works as a hostess at the same restaurant, making only $12 a week in tip-out while she should be making $40 a night. Tracy, suspiciously, has a new boat and truck. The stolen tips and Tracy’s mistreatment further strain the work environment.

Tracy’s Reputation in the Small Town

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Tracy’s reputation in the town is so bad that locals refuse to eat at the restaurant. Despite complaints from supervisors about working conditions, Tracy manages to put on an act when franchisees investigate, and they never catch her in her “natural element.”

The Last Straw

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On the OP’s last day before school resumes, a failed health inspection leads to another outburst from Tracy. The OP tells the assistant manager that they will walk out if Tracy screams at them again. The supervisor understands and wonders why OP endured it for so long.

Walking Out and Leaving Chaos

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Tracy yells at OP, who decides to leave with their sister, causing a shortage of staff at the restaurant. With no hostess seating people, a line forms outside the door, and Tracy is forced to seat customers and serve OP’s section.

Whistleblowing and Seeking Justice

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OP contacts former staff members who quit during the summer and encourages them to join in whistleblowing against Tracy. One girl sent a letter and photos of her bruised arm when Tracy grabbed her. OP’s letter includes all the incidents and details of Tracy’s two-faced behavior.

Discovering the Impact

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Under Tracy’s management, the restaurant was rated by corporate as one of the lowest-performing restaurants in the country. OP’s whistleblowing, combined with civilian complaints, leads to a serious investigation into Tracy’s conduct.

The Undercover Boss

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A higher-up from the company goes undercover as a new supervisor to observe Tracy’s behavior for two weeks. After the observation, he presents her with a plan to fix the restaurant, but her defiant response ultimately exposes her.

The Priceless Moment

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When the higher-up reveals his true identity, Tracy’s priceless expression is a moment OP wishes they could have witnessed. Tracy is fired from her position and compelled to work at a fast-food pizza place in the same town.

Tracy Gets Fired, and the Assistant Manager Rises

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After Tracy was fired, the assistant manager took her position. OP decides to return to work at the restaurant the following summer and is hired immediately.

The Town’s Continued Boycott

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Locals continue to boycott Tracy at her new job, leaving the new place empty. The community’s ongoing refusal to support her demonstrates the lasting impact of her toxic behavior. OP returns to work the following summer, enjoying a better atmosphere and a sense of justice.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “Glad things turned around for you. Yay, nice new manager!!! I feel like warning the new place Tracy works at. That business doesn’t deserve to suffer cause of her or the new people under her. Poor souls.”

Another reader writes, “You saved your colleagues from abuse and possibly getting tips stolen from them, helped management improve a location, and got rid of someone that had no business managing people.”

A different person states: “Isn’t this the stage where the restaurant should have huge signs saying “Now under new management”?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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