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His Deceitful Boss Snatches His Super Bowl Tickets, But His Epic Confrontation Unravels the Betrayal.

The Original Poster (OP) is a devoted football fan who is left devastated when a generous gift of Super Bowl tickets is deviously intercepted by his boss. As tensions rise and truths unravel, an unexpected alliance forms to settle the score and expose the betrayer.

The Generous Offer

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The OP, a huge football fan, had a great relationship with a client who knew of OP’s love for the team who was in the Super Bowl. To express gratitude, the client decided to give the OP a pair of Super Bowl tickets through their mutual contact, “Senior Partner,” but never mentioned the gift to OP directly.

The Big Game

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The OP never received the tickets and was unaware of the gift. After the game, the client asked OP why they didn’t attend after learning that someone else had sat in the seats. The OP was confused, having never received or heard about the tickets.

The Unpleasant Discovery

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Upon returning to the office, OP discovered that Senior Partner had given the tickets to another client as a gift from their company. Furious, OP decided to involve the original client in questioning this decision to avoid any personal blowback.

The Confrontation Begins

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OP texted the client, thanking them for the tickets but revealing they were given away. The client replied in disbelief, “Are You S****** Me??,” and vowed to handle the situation themselves.

The Awkward Meeting

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The client arranged a meeting with OP, Senior Partner, and some other colleagues. Unbeknownst to Senior Partner, the meeting was set up to expose his deception.

The Introduction

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During the meeting, the client introduced Stephanie, a supposed VP from another department. He claimed that OP and Stephanie had met at the Super Bowl, but Stephanie denied this, stating they’d never met.

The Pretense Unravels

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The client persisted, claiming Stephanie must have been drunk and forgotten. The OP then clarified that he had never attended the game. Senior Partner’s discomfort was evident as the situation unfolded.

The Confession

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The client directly questioned Senior Partner about the tickets, forcing him to admit that he had given them away, despite their clear intent that they were meant for the OP. He tried to shift the blame onto OP, but the client refused to accept his lies.

The Aftermath

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The client ended the meeting by inviting OP and Stephanie to lunch while sending Senior Partner away. It was revealed that Stephanie was not a VP but a fellow employee who had agreed to help with the client’s plan.

The Desperate Plea

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Senior Partner texted OP, asking them to “cover for the firm.” The client instructed OP to wait before responding with a list of demands, including payment for the tickets’ resale value and various apologies.

The Fallout

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OP’s professionalism earned respect from the other partners, while Senior Partner was forced to pay the client’s invoices out of his own salary. The client eventually transferred their account to another partner, costing Senior Partner his profit share of their business.

The End of an Era

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Despite their success, OP left the firm a few months later for a better position. The client eventually severed ties with the firm and began working with a competing firm. OP remained upset about missing the Super Bowl but was pleased to see Senior Partner got called out for his deception.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “Imagine what sort of human being you have to be to essentially steal a $10,000 ticket from a worker. Disgusting, to say the least.”

Another reader wrote: “It should be obvious that other seats nearby would be occupied by the client as well. And how could he not think that the client would ask OP about the game after?”

A different person states: “As much as this whole thing is beyond belief, I can totally see some people think they can get away with a move like this.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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