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They Moved Into a Fresh Apartment, But When Her Fiancé’s Cousin Broke the No Smoking Rule, Tempers Flared Uncontrollably.

In a freshly moved-into apartment, the Original Poster (OP) sets a strict no-smoking rule for her fiancé’s cousin, Dave, due to her acute aversion to cigarette odor. Despite agreeing to the rule, Dave succumbs to temptation on a particularly stormy day, leading OP to an explosive confrontation. How will this incident shape relationships, decisions, and ultimately, OP’s standing within her fiancé’s family?

The New Beginning

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OP and her fiancé have recently settled into their new apartment. OP has a strong aversion to cigarette scents, and tensions rise when they must consider hosting Dave, the fiancé’s smoker cousin.

A Temporary Arrangement

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After some persuasion, they decide to let him stay, but under strict no-smoking rules. Dave moves into town, but his new house isn’t ready. Needing a place to stay, he turns to OP and her fiancé.

The Stormy Weather

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OP and her fiancé make their home available with a clear smoking restriction, setting the stage for potential conflict. Recent weather conditions make it challenging for Dave to smoke outside. He proposes smoking inside with the patio doors open.

The Unexpected Scene

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OP remains firm in her stance, reinforcing the no-smoking agreement. On a particularly cold and rainy day, OP approaches her apartment. Instead of finding Dave smoking outside, she discovers the patio doors open.

The Unpleasant Surprise

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A sinking feeling takes over, hinting at a breach of trust. OP’s worst fears are realized when she enters her home. The unmistakable odor of cigarette smoke greets her, leading her to find Dave actively smoking indoors despite the agreement.

The Explosion

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Anger takes hold of OP, and she confronts Dave without hesitation. Accusations and harsh words fly as OP calls him an “inconsiderate slob” and a “filthy smokestack,” and a few more things that were worse.

The Eviction

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OP’s screaming culminated in her demanding that Dave immediately vacate her apartment. OP’s loud confrontation draws attention from neighboring apartments, some of whom are worried about a potential domestic violence situation.

A Neighborly Intervention

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A neighbor arrives to assess the situation. OP tells them that everything is fine and they are just leaving. OP hastily grabs her essentials and exits the scene. Still simmering with anger, OP calls her fiancé.

The Ultimatum

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OP informs her fiancée about Dave’s actions and says she will not return to the apartment until all the lingering smoke odor is completely eradicated. If he can’t take care of this, she will break her part of the lease and find new accommodations.

Temporary Refuge

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Seeking a safe haven, OP takes shelter at a friend’s house. This unexpected retreat provides her with distance and time to reflect on the day’s events. OP’s fiancé reaches out, reporting that Dave has left the apartment.

Family Interference

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OP’s fiancé attempts to downplay the severity of the situation, urging OP to return home. News of the incident spreads rapidly among the fiancé’s family. His mother calls OP, expressing mixed feelings about Dave’s behavior and her intense reaction.

The Flood of Messages

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The incident becomes the talk of the fiancé’s family. OP’s phone is bombarded with messages, most of them critical of her intense outburst. Away from the chaos and with time to think, OP acknowledges the severity of her reaction, even while standing by her original rule.

Cleaning the Apartment

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OP’s fiancé arranged for carpet cleaners to come and is looking at getting an ozone machine running for a few days. In hindsight, OP realizes her reaction was way over the top, and she shouldn’t have yelled as much as she did.

A Rule Broken

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Despite her feelings of guilt, OP remains firm in her belief. Dave’s blatant disregard for her no-smoking rule remains the central issue, overshadowing her intense reaction. As OP reflects on the event, she recognizes the validity of both her anger and her sympathy.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “As a guest, Dave was obligated to follow your rules. And smoking, in particular, is a particularly odious habit that affects everyone around the smoker.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I’m a smoker, and I cannot fathom ever lighting up inside someone else’s home. How anyone would even consider doing that blows my mind.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Not only did he smoke inside, he straight up did it on your couch. I’d be surprised if you didn’t have to have everything professionally cleaned so you feel like you can live at home.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “This is completely out of line. You never ever smoke inside someone else’s home, especially if they asked you not to. You invited him into your home, and he took it for granted. It’s so disrespectful, not to mention disgusting.”

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