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She Proudly Claimed to Be a Single Mother on Facebook, But a Coworker’s Furious Rebuttal Left Her Doubting Her Own Identity.

The Original Poster (OP) is challenged by a coworker who questions her right to claim the title of a ‘single mother’ due to her seemingly privileged background. As the tension reaches a fever pitch, the sudden reappearance of her estranged ex, who had abandoned his fatherly duties years ago, throws OP’s life into disarray. OP must confront her past and decide on the future of her small family, leaving readers wondering about the outcome of her heart-wrenching decision.

Beginnings of a Beautiful Life

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OP, a 30-year-old woman, cherishes life with her seven-year-old daughter. However, when her daughter was just one, she discovered that her partner was unfaithful. Following their separation, the father disappeared, fleeing the state to avoid child support obligations.


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Following the father’s departure, OP was left with no means of communication with him. He vanished entirely from their social circles. This abrupt disappearance left OP and her daughter in a state of uncertainty and instability.

Family Support System

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Despite the hardships, OP was fortunate to have the support of her family. Her well-off parents offered her and her daughter a place to stay. With their help, she began to recover from the sudden changes in her life.

From Dependent to Provider

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Now the sole provider for her daughter, OP found herself stepping into a new role. Living with her parents provided her with certain advantages many single mothers lack. She started working full-time at a nursing home, and her daughter began to thrive in school.

A New Chapter

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After several years, OP and her daughter moved out of her parents’ house and into their own apartment. They were happy living together, and OP was providing for their needs. Life seemed to be falling into place again.

Social Media Revelation

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After her coworkers convinced her to create a Facebook account, OP started sharing snippets of her life online. She posted pictures of herself and her daughter and described herself as a happy, devoted single mom. This seemingly harmless description sparked an unexpected conflict.

The Offended Coworker

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One of OP’s coworkers, a single mother herself, was outraged by OP’s self-description. She texted OP, expressing her indignation. According to the coworker, OP’s life of relative privilege meant she had no right to call herself a single mother.


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Feeling confused and upset, OP defended her position. She explained to her coworker that she is indeed a single mother, and her journey hasn’t been free of hardships. But the coworker refused to understand OP’s point of view.

The Outburst

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The coworker laid out a list of hardships common to single mothers that OP hadn’t experienced. She accused OP of being out of touch with the true struggles of single motherhood due to her privileged background. The harsh words left OP shaken and questioning her self-perception.

The Doubts

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After the confrontation, OP started questioning whether she was justified in calling herself a single mother. She was upset by her coworker’s harsh words and accusations. Despite her firm belief that she is a single mom, she started to wonder if she was wrong.

An Unexpected Return

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OP’s ex sends a friend request on her recently created Facebook account. His sudden appearance intensifies the conflict and brings back a flood of unresolved issues. OP now must grapple with his sudden reappearance after years of absence, unsure of how to react.

The Daughter’s Reaction

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OP’s daughter becomes excited about the prospect of reconnecting with her estranged father. This further complicates the situation, as OP must navigate her daughter’s feelings while dealing with her own unresolved issues.

The Father’s Proposal

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The father proposes to make amends and start paying child support. He expresses regret for his past actions and wants to be part of his daughter’s life. OP is skeptical but torn, as she understands the importance of her daughter having a relationship with her father.

Was The Mother’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and support. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “The term ‘single mother’ isn’t reserved for the people who have suffered the most. It’s reserved for people who are mothers and who don’t have a significant other involved.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Is OP single? Check. Is she a mom? Check. Honestly hate it when people gatekeep stuff like this and say stuff like, ‘You can’t be x because I had it worse!’”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Just because you are in a different socioeconomic status or have support does not make you any less of a single mom.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “It’s really weird how people want to change the meaning of a word based on their own situation. By literally the only definition, you are a single mother and have every right to refer to yourself as such.”

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