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Sisters Fight Over Inherited House and Expected Baby’s Room, But a Neutral Third Party Throws a Curveball Nobody Saw Coming.

In this riveting tale, the Original Poster (OP) and her sister grapple with a domestic dilemma – the division of inherited property under the strain of unexpected pregnancy and differing needs. The climax builds as they tackle shifting room agreements, financial obstacles, and the impending arrival of a newborn, leaving the house’s fate hanging in the balance.

A House Divided

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OP and her younger sister, both in their mid-20s, inherit their parents’ house. Sharing the four-bedroom home, they each stake their claim, with the younger sister taking the master suite and OP taking the two largest remaining rooms – one for sleeping, the other for working and gaming. The smallest bedroom is reserved as a  guest room.

Unforeseen Circumstances

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The sister’s boyfriend moves into the house. Within a year, OP’s sister becomes pregnant, and the house dynamic changes. OP braces herself for a future with a baby in the home.

Expectations Shattered

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The baby will need a bedroom. OP assumes it would be the guest room, a reasonable size for a child’s room. However, her sister vehemently disagrees.

A New Demand

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OP’s sister insists that OP must clear out her “gaming room” for the baby. The initial agreement of room distribution stands threatened. OP is resistant and unwilling to move her belongings into the slightly smaller guest room.

A Counteroffer Rejected

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In a bid for compromise, OP proposes a switch: the sister takes her two rooms, and she takes the master suite. The sister bursts into tears, claiming she needs her own comfortable space and that she deserves the master bedroom. OP is left without options.


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The sisters are in a deadlock. Both refuse to budge on their positions, and discussions turn into arguments. The sister’s boyfriend and OP’s girlfriend enter the fray, each supporting their partner’s side.

Monetary Constraints

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The possibility of a buyout is discussed, but the sister lacks the funds. Both sisters received $100k in the inheritance, but she spent the money on a luxury car, and a part-time job doesn’t offer the financial capability to take a loan. The option of a buyout seems a mirage.

Buying Out

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OP, still in possession of her inheritance and her own savings, contemplates buying out her sister. She intends to discuss this option. The home, a high-end home located in a desirable area of town, could likely allow either the sister to purchase a smaller 3-bedroom house in a cheaper locality.

Reluctance To Sell

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Nevertheless, OP expresses that the house has significant sentimental value to both sisters, having been in the family for a long time. OP’s sister is, therefore, reluctant to be ‘bought out.’ The quest for an acceptable resolution continues.

A Possible Solution?

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The possibility of adding an extension to the house arises in OP’s mind. It could provide the extra room they all need, but it would require significant expenditure. She is considering using her inheritance and savings for this project.

Sister’s Response

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OP presents the extension idea to her sister. The sister, however, scoffs at the idea, believing it to be too time-consuming and unnecessary. The impasse continues.

Sister’s Suggestion

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In a last effort, OP’s sister suggests that they transform the garage into a game room. However, OP is concerned about the lack of insulation and the significant work it would require. She finds the idea less than ideal.


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Seeing no end to the dispute, they consider involving a neutral third party. An experienced mediator is hired, tasked with helping them find common ground. The house remains a battlefield.

The Mediator’s Proposal

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The mediator proposes a renovation project. The idea is to convert the attic into a living space – possibly a new gaming room. This would give OP her space without infringing on the agreed room distribution.

Financial Discussions

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They discuss the financial implications of the proposed renovations. The sister, already short on funds, would struggle to contribute. OP ponders if she should shoulder the cost.

The Conclusion

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The sisters, still not fully in agreement, manage to cohabit under the same roof, their relationship defined by their shared experiences and a standstill. The house remains a symbol of their family legacy, with its stories continuing to evolve.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I am very doubtful this living situation is going to last. She’s doing a slow takeover, and it will only get worse (especially if she has more kids). Have you ever discussed just selling the home and each getting your own home? It seems like that may be the only long-term solution here.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Do not under any circumstances give up your gaming room, or else they’re going to try and move you out of that house.

Tell her to take the guest room and make it two bedrooms for each. The boyfriend’s family can sleep on the sofa, or they can go to a hotel. You own half of the house, not him.”

A Third View On The Story

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A different person states, “Being pregnant doesn’t entitle her to start land grabbing and hoarding rooms for herself and baby and bf. If she wants more than 50% of the house, then she can offer you financial compensation for it – there are multiple forms that could take – or you could buy her out, and she can scram.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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