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After His Deceitful Manager Sidelines Him at Work, He Fights Back and Unravels the Lies in a Dramatic Lawsuit.

The Original Poster (OP) is an engineer who is pushed out of an important sales call by a sales rep manager. The manager’s attempt to undermine the engineer results in a colossal mess, with a major client being sold an incompatible set of solutions. As the plot thickens, the sales engineer finds himself inadvertently entangled in not one but two lawsuits involving his former company and an opportunity for sweet revenge.

A New Sales Rep Manager

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The OP is a lead sales engineer who faces a new sales rep manager who dislikes the control engineers have over the sales process. The manager decides to prove his point by closing a big deal without involving the engineer. The manager gloats, saying, “The biggest deal this month, oh wait, you did not participate at all.”

A Call for Help

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A month later, the sales rep manager calls the engineer, panicking over the deal. The engineer joins a conference call with the customer. They uncovered some technical issues and requested the engineer to come in for a meeting to fix the problem.

A Troubling Discovery

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During the client meeting, the engineer discovers the sales rep manager sold the bank an incompatible product. The engineer suggests a possible solution and mentions the price. The sales manager gets upset, claiming that discussing price is his domain.

Quitting and Defending

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Fed up, the engineer quits after his direct manager sides with the sales rep over the conflict. He sends a lengthy defense of his actions to HR. His letter includes the claim, “Our company lied to the customer to get a sale.”

The Client Files a Lawsuit

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Four months later, the engineer receives a call saying the bank is suing the company. The engineer contacts the bank’s CIO and offers to give his testimony. The bank sends a lawyer to interview the engineer.

A Devastating Testimony

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The engineer’s testimony completely undermines the company’s defense. The OP shows the bank his letter to HR. The company issued a subpoena for him to be deposed in the lawsuit.

Stock Message Board Drama

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Meanwhile, the engineer bashes his former company on a stock message board. The OP posts about a huge deal falling through. The stock crashes $13 the next day.

A Lawsuit Surprise

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The day before his deposition, the company sued the engineer for his post on the stock message board. The engineer wonders what will happen next.

A Shocking Deposition

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At the deposition, the engineer says, “I’m sorry, the company you represent today just served me with a lawsuit last night, this deposition is over!” The lawyers are dumbfounded and do not know the engineer is being sued separately. The legal team discovers there is a different legal team working on the lawsuit against the engineer.

The Lawsuits Converge

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The legal counsel never realized the same engineer was central to both cases. With the situation’s complexity, the company settles with the bank and drops its suit against the engineer. He is relieved, but there is still unfinished business.

The Unread Letter

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Upon concluding the legal proceedings, it becomes clear that the engineer’s former manager never read the letter he filed with HR. An internal investigation ensues, and his former manager, the sales rep, the sales manager, and their manager are all fired.

The Aftermath

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The engineer moves on from the ordeal. He reflects on his actions and their impact. He never imagined his quest for justice would have such far-reaching consequences.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One person wrote: “It’s amazing the sheer stupidity that the sales team can get up to without any technical staff around.”

Another individual responded: “The lawsuit probably could have been avoided if HR had read the letter much sooner and fired the sales rep and those whose jobs included preventing those kinds of antics.”

A different person stated: “Hmm, guess the Sales Rep maybe should have consulted you during that sale.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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