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After Her Manager Pushes Her To Quit, She Exposes The Company’s Weakness and Forces Them to Hire Her Back as an Expensive Consultant.

The Original Poster (OP) recounts the story of her friend who turns the tables on her unjust and dismissive employers. After leaving the company, she becomes their highly paid remote consultant, but will the company learn its lesson from the costly aftermath?

The Grievous Workplace

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In the heart of a nursing home, the OP’s friend worked tirelessly in HR and managed payroll, enduring a sexist work culture. The management team was a group of older men who often neglected their duties but earned significantly more than their subordinates. Women in the company faced blatant mistreatment, with many being unjustly fired, their vacant positions slowly filled by men who received significant pay raises.

The Unjust Dismissal

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The employee’s tipping point was the unjust firing of the worker’s last female manager. The manager broke her leg and took a week off to recover, but this led to her abrupt dismissal. As a result, the employee had to shoulder the manager’s responsibilities without any increase in pay until the job was filled.

The Unqualified Replacement

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A new manager was hired three months later, an older man receiving almost twice the previous manager’s salary. Mysteriously, this man never accessed the necessary systems, and the OP’s friend ended up performing all managerial tasks. “The guy’s account didn’t even have access to the systems he needed access to for his job, and he never asked for that access,” OP stated, indicating the new manager’s incompetence and apathy.

Ignorance and Disrespect

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The new manager repeatedly ignored the employee’s warnings about system issues, especially in payroll. Despite her being the only one with knowledge and access to the payroll system, he brushed her off, making derogatory comments about her replaceability.

The Breaking Point

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Frustration reached a boiling point one day, causing the OP’s friend to take action. She set up an automatic payment program with her credentials to ensure her due pay. Soon after, she submitted her two-week notice, strategically timed right before a department-wide week off and her coworker’s extended vacation.

Irreplaceable Expertise

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The manager dismissed her resignation nonchalantly, thinking he could find a replacement easily. Little did he know about the unique modifications she had made to the payroll software over her time at the company, rendering her the only capable user. “She was the ONLY person who knew how to properly use it,” OP said, highlighting her irreplaceability.

The Departure

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After two weeks, she left the company, leaving them crippled in terms of payroll management. Due to her unique modifications, the company was unable to process payroll for the next two pay periods, leaving employees upset. However, her automatic payment bot ensured she was still receiving a direct deposit despite no longer working at the company.

The Unforeseen Consequence

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In the wake of her departure, the company was left scrambling. They were unable to figure out and disable her automatic payment system, showcasing the extent of their dependency on her.

The Desperate Plea

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Eventually, the company swallowed its pride and reached out to the former employee for help. They asked her to consult on their payroll, a request stemming from their desperate need to rectify the payroll crisis. She agreed, but her conditions were not going to be humble this time.

The Sweet Revenge

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Over the next six months, she worked remotely for the company, charging $250 an hour to run the payroll. She was paid for five hours a week, a stark contrast to her initial pay and conditions. Interestingly, she didn’t work these hours; she had scripted the whole process on her personal device and correctly automated the entire payroll.

The One-Button Solution

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The OP’s friend had simply logged into and fixed the automatic script to process payroll for the company, enabling her to complete the task with a single button press. Despite being paid for five hours of work per week, she spent mere moments on the task. The company, none the wiser, continued to pay her the agreed sum.

The Sweetest Irony

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While managing payroll for her previous employer, the OP’s friend had begun working elsewhere. She was able to balance both jobs effortlessly due to her automated payroll process.

The Ultimate Triumph

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The friend’s revenge wasn’t just about the money; it was a pointed response to a deeply sexist workplace. She had made herself indispensable and, in leaving, showed them the value they’d lost.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Glad your friend stuck it to the man. I hope she’s much happier now.”

Another responder wrote: “Not to be the corporate bootlicker, but she tweaked the software to continue to pay her for two pay periods after her employment ended? If so, she opened herself up to some pretty serious legal consequences had she been caught.”

A different person states, “Good for her. My friend had a similar situation happen to him.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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