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He Uncovers Betrayal by His Boss, But He Crafts an Genious Scheme Using Luxury Watches That Bring Sweet Revenge.

The Original Poster (OP) discovers they’ve been betrayed by their scheming boss and replaced with his girlfriend. With meticulous planning and a carefully crafted long con, OP seeks retribution and leaves the perpetrator’s fate hanging in the balance.

The Young Sales Manager

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The OP is a young regional sales manager for a major consumer product covering eleven Western States. The OP earns a good reputation by making his sales quota and keeping costs within budget. They excel at reviving struggling markets and turning them around.

Making Days Fun

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In the past, OP’s company had “Market Development Funds” (MDF) that could be used for winning and dining clients. OP recalls how they once took six honchos on a fishing trip to Mexico. This old-school ‘Mad Men style’ fund was tax-deductible and had to be spent annually.

The Demo Company Mystery

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OP starts receiving sign-offs for payments to an unknown demo company. They learn that the company isn’t one of their regional suppliers and isn’t recognized by their broker/agent. Suspicious, OP contacts their boss, “Sasquatch,” who says not to worry and assigns the expenses to OP’s MDF.

A Forced Relocation

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OP is suddenly transferred to a new market and required to relocate, despite his pregnant wife and ongoing home remodel. The company offers relocation benefits, but the situation is too chaotic. OP declines the offer and takes a severance package instead.

Discovering the Truth

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Months later, OP learns that their region is now tanking under Sasquatch’s old associate. OP investigates and discovers that the mysterious demo company was registered by this associate, who is also Sasquatch’s girlfriend/mistress. OP is furious and decides to take revenge.

The Master Plan

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OP devises a plan to take down Sasquatch, no matter the cost. He poses as a corporate headhunter to bait Sasquatch with a dream job. He leverages his past experience in headhunting and enlisting overseas friends to help.

Baiting the Hook

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Knowing Sasquatch loves expensive watches and golf, OP offers him an executive position with a major Swiss watch company tied to pro golf sponsorships. The job includes hobnobbing with sports organizers and traveling the world. Sasquatch is hooked.

The Set-up

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OP carefully strings Sasquatch along until the perfect moment to close the deal. Sasquatch is asked to report to Switzerland for a final offer and onboarding. However, the meeting is scheduled during mandatory division meetings, causing Sasquatch to worry.

The Final Catch

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The “headhunting” firm offers to move the appointment up, but Sasquatch must pay for his own travel and accommodations, with the promise of reimbursement. He agrees and goes to Switzerland, where he’s informed that his appointment has been rescheduled due to a corporate crisis.

The Sting

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While Sasquatch waits in Europe, OP calls the division president and pretends to ask for a reference on Sasquatch. They let slip that Sasquatch is finalizing a new job in Europe, raising suspicions. The president remains calm and directs OP to human resources.

The Aftermath

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Upon returning home, Sasquatch finds his office packed up and his job taken away. His mistress is fired for theft, and he’s out around $7,000 for travel and hotel expenses. OP remains anonymous, satisfied with his revenge.


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OP never reveals their identity to Sasquatch, believing that the revenge was enough. They continue to defend their actions, claiming that revenge is sometimes appropriate.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “It’d be a lot harder to pull off something like this in the present day, especially if the target has average internet smarts.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another reader wrote: “I mean, you sent a dude overseas with an intricate plan involving fake letterheads and friends overseas and inside knowledge in corporate recruiting, and then stiffed him on at least $7k and got him fired. I’m not calling you a liar, but it’s hard to believe.”

Different Perspective

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A different person states: “But wouldn’t Sasquatch have your telephone number? Or was it always you doing the calling?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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