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His Girlfriend’s Odd Joke Strains Their Relationship, But A Proposal Reveals A Moment of Reckoning.

When a young woman’s recurring joke of saying “no” to everything starts to strain her relationship with the Original Poster (OP), it culminates in an embarrassing moment during a planned marriage proposal, leaving everyone shocked and the future of their relationship hanging in the balance.

A Joke Taken Too Far

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OP’s girlfriend, Molly, has an odd habit of saying “no” as a joke to everything OP asks. Despite OP repeatedly stating their dislike of this habit, Molly persists. This quirk is beginning to strain their relationship.

A Matter of Love

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Molly’s joke affects even the most serious of conversations. When OP expresses their love, Molly jests with a “no.” This trivialization of their feelings deeply hurts OP. This confusion already led to misunderstanding, further fueling OP’s frustration with Molly’s behavior.

The Temporary Ceasefire

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After a discussion following an embarrassing incident with friends, Molly stops her joke for a month. It’s a temporary relief for OP. However, the cessation is short-lived.

An Eventful Gathering

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OP plans a proposal with their close friends and family present, a moment they’ve always dreamed of. They invite their parents, in-laws, and best friends to witness the special occasion. Little do they know, Molly’s joke is about to make an unwelcome appearance.

The Proposal Twist

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OP proposes, and to their horror, Molly instantly retorts with her habitual “no.” A tense silence falls over the room as the onlookers reel in shock. Molly then laughs and finally says, “Yes,” but the damage has been done.

The Aftermath

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Humiliated and disappointed, OP withdraws the ring and leaves to cool off, unable to hear Molly’s apologies. The beautiful moment has been tarnished by a joke taken too far. OP decides to retreat to a hotel for the night.

A House Divided

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Molly pleads via text, explaining her actions as part of her usual joke. She accuses OP of causing discomfort due to their reaction to her jest. OP remains silent, their hurt feelings preventing them from responding.

A Family in Conflict

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OP’s parents are supportive of their decision, understanding their hurt and embarrassment. However, Molly’s parents are outraged at OP for halting the proposal, accusing them of humiliating their daughter. The families are now at odds over the incident.

The Unforgivable Joke

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OP continues to feel conflicted, knowing that there is a time and place for jokes, and their proposal wasn’t it. OP grapples with the reality that a joke they’ve been long tolerating costs them their proposal moment. He is torn between his love for Molly and their resentment for her thoughtless prank.

A Relationship on the Rocks

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Struggling with the aftermath of the proposal, OP wonders if he can move past Molly’s actions. The incident has caused a significant rift in their relationship. OP is unsure if their love for Molly can overcome the hurt and humiliation they feel.

The Return Home

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After a few days of solitude, OP returns home, still nursing a broken heart. Molly is waiting, her eyes filled with remorse and regret. The silence between them is deafening, the air heavy with unspoken words and uncertainty. Molly finally breaks the silence, apologizing for her thoughtless joke. She promises to work on her habit, acknowledging the pain it has caused OP.

The Struggle Continues

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Despite Molly’s efforts, OP struggles with trust, haunted by the embarrassing proposal incident. Each interaction is tinged with a hint of unease, a fear of relapse. Their relationship is still on shaky ground.

The Second Proposal

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OP decides to propose again, this time in a private setting. Their heart pounding, they ask Molly to marry them, hoping for a sincere response. Molly says “yes,” a genuine yes, free of any jokes, bringing a sigh of relief to OP. The OP plans to begin their journey towards healing. It’s a slow process, marked by small victories and minor setbacks.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “You made yourself clear. She’s acting like a child. Marriage proposals aren’t for children.”

Another responder wrote: “Saying “no” to everything just isn’t funny. To do something like that all the time feels like something my 6-year-old niece would do.”

A different person states, “I am sorry this happened to you, and I don’t think you’re overreacting. A joke is a joke only if all involved people are laughing, and you made it clear months ago that you didn’t find it funny.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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