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She Believed in His Dreams and Supported Him Through School, But When She Discovered He Secretly Dropped Out of College, She Was Stunned.

In a tale of love, trust, and expectations, the Original Poster (OP) grapples with the startling revelation that her boyfriend of eight years abandoned his college aspirations. As she financially supports their life together, his confession forces a heated confrontation. Their relationship teeters on the brink as friends and family weigh in, but whose side will prevail?

A Bond from High School

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OP and Alex started their romantic journey during their high school days. The bond grew stronger, and they continued dating for a total of eight years. Over the course of their relationship, they shared countless memories and moments.

College Dreams

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Alex decided to chase his passion for graphic design by joining college. The course was a significant commitment and one that his parents financially supported. They covered his tuition, setting him on a path to professional development.

Pandemic Disruptions

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The first semester saw Alex immersing himself in the college experience, living in a dorm. However, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic led to an abrupt end to campus life. With the world changing around them, OP and Alex took a significant step in their relationship.

Moving In Together

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As the pandemic raged on, online classes became the new norm for students. Seeing an opportunity amidst the chaos, the two lovers decided to share a living space. Their home became a blend of work, study, and shared life.

Financial Dynamics

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OP worked tirelessly, juggling a full-time job alongside a part-time one. She was responsible for covering all the bills because she wanted Alex to focus exclusively on his studies for his future career.

Alex’s Contribution

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Alex, on the other hand, contributed a mere fraction of the rent, an amount he received from his parents. While it did damage his ego slightly to have his girlfriend and parents cover all of his expenses, he made the best of it.

Supportive Hopes

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Despite the financial disparity, OP believed in a future where Alex would eventually graduate. His prospective salary as a graphic designer promised a brighter, more affluent future. This hope was what kept her patient and understanding.

Unexpected Confessions

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One evening, Alex had a moment of intense self-reflection and decided it was time to reveal the truth. His confession shattered OP’s beliefs about their relationship and living situation. He admitted to discontinuing his college education after completing just one semester online.

The Deception

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To OP’s astonishment, while she assumed he was attending classes, he admitted spending time aimlessly on his laptop playing video games online. He was embarrassed to tell her the truth but couldn’t handle the guilt anymore.

Dissecting Duties

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Confronted by OP about his intentions, Alex expressed contentment with his role as a housekeeper and chef. Yet, to OP, this seemed barely a commitment. Their small apartment and absence of children or pets made his claims seem overstated.

The Final Straw

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Feeling deceived and angry, OP made a spontaneous decision in the moment. She handed Alex his keys and told him to leave the apartment she paid for. The gravity of her determination and its future implications remained unclear to both.

Silence and Distance

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The following days were marked by silence and growing distance. Alex returned once to collect some forgotten items but avoided any real conversation. The uncertainty left OP in turmoil over her future with him.

Seeking Solace Elsewhere

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Alex sought refuge in his mother’s home. The events not only created a divide between the couple but also attracted the attention and judgment of their families. OP felt the weight of the criticism from Alex’s mother and even her own parents.

The Friends’ Verdict

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The couple’s circle of friends didn’t hold back their judgments either. Most sided with Alex, empathizing with his situation. The word “abusive” was even hurled at OP, further deepening her anguish.

Silence from Alex

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Amidst the whirlwind of opinions, Alex refrained from making any clear statements. OP was tormented by her choices. The love and history she shared with Alex made her question the decision to oust him.

To Stay or Part

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The week that followed was one of reflection for OP. She was uncertain if their relationship was truly at its end. The thought of life without Alex brought sorrow, yet she craved an equal partnership.

Was The Girlfriend’s Behavior Appropriate?

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Overwhelmed and feeling lost, OP posted her story online for feedback and advice from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “It looks like he has intentionally sabotaged his education and your relationship. From all appearances, he looks perfectly happy to go home with Mom and not come back to your apartment, I’m sorry to say.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “He lied to you about something that directly relates to your future together and kept it from you so that he could skate by while you do everything for him.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “He should get a job and contribute. He doesn’t get to appoint himself a house spouse without consulting his partner. Drop him, drop your friends. You’d think your parents would want someone better for you!”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “So he’s been lying for over nine months. Sitting in the apartment without even an online job to pay a light bill. His family is only mad because they have an extra drain on their resources. That’s not your business.”

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