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He Waited Patiently for Four Years for a Raise, But His Unexpected Stand Turned Him Into an Office Legend.

For four long years, the Original Poster (OP) diligently served his company without a raise, always ready to lend a hand. However, as workloads surged and excuses for the lack of financial appreciation piled up, OP reached a breaking point, leading to a decision that would disrupt the familiar office dynamics.

A Lengthening Drought

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It’s been four years since OP received a raise at his current position, working in the office of a manufacturing company. Each time he has approached his employer, he has been met with a new and seemingly feeble excuse.

Raise Denied

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The latest reason given at his yearly employee review meeting is that the company simply isn’t offering raises currently. OP is frustrated with this response, given the inflation rate for consumer goods since his last raise.

Workloads Rise

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Despite the lack of monetary appreciation, the workload continues to increase. OP has consistently stepped up, making himself available to help whenever necessary. His dedication has not waned, even in the face of apparent corporate neglect.

A Break from Tradition

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On one fateful day, when more work came his way due to absentee colleagues, OP decided enough was enough. He would no longer perform extra work without extra pay. If the company wanted the work to be completed, they either needed to pay him more or hire more help.

The Refusal

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OP refused his co-worker’s request, firmly stating, “Sorry, I’m not able to take anything else today.” It was a departure from his usual accommodating nature. It was uncomfortable to take this stance, but OP finally decided it was time to stick up for himself.

Second Thoughts and Guilt

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OP knows his refusal to take on extra tasks was justified, but a lingering doubt remains. His decision could result in overwhelming his only other capable colleague. This potential added burden to his co-worker weighs heavily on his mind.

Beyond The Call of Duty

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While OP isn’t in a managerial role, he has often picked up slack for others. The company had grown accustomed to his proactive approach. With OP’s recent shift in behavior, the office dynamic is thrown into disarray.

The Spiteful Crossroads

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While OP doesn’t care about making the company scramble, he wonders whether he unfairly burdened a fellow employee. Despite the guilt, OP remains steadfast and diligently does his assigned tasks.

On The Job Hunt

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Acknowledging the deteriorating situation at his current job, OP begins the hunt for new opportunities. But the decision is complex. He has accumulated a significant five weeks of vacation time that he is reluctant to forfeit.

Building Resilience

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Amid the challenges, OP’s resilience shines through. He has weathered years of neglect, increased responsibilities, and moral dilemmas. His journey is a testament to his tenacity and strength.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

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The accrued vacation time is just one factor in a complex equation. OP is torn between the comforts of the known and the uncertainties of the new. The potential loss of benefits plays a significant role in his considerations.

A Changing Workplace

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The office is now a changed environment. Accustomed to OP’s ever-ready assistance, colleagues find themselves adjusting to the new dynamics. Tensions might be simmering beneath the surface.

The Morality of Choices

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OP grapples with the ethical implications of his decisions. While his frustration with the employer is valid, the unintended consequences on his co-worker gnaw at him. It’s a tangle of emotions and dilemmas.

A Test of Patience

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Four years is a long time to wait for due recognition. OP’s patience has been tested time and time again. However, he has drawn a clear line when taking on extra responsibilities until the raise situation is resolved.

Finding Solace in Community

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Despite the turbulence, OP finds comfort in sharing his story with others. The outpouring of support and understanding is a balm for his troubled soul. He feels less alone, buoyed by the collective empathy of his listeners.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “You’re not the one making your co-worker do more. The workplace is. They need to look after their staff better if they want such a high level of commitment from them.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Take the five weeks’ vacation. That’ll give you time to clear your head and give them time to decide whether it might be worth giving you a hefty raise to make up for the four years when you didn’t get one.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “I started doing about 20-30% of my workload and just leaving the rest. Eventually, the boss called me in, we discussed, and I got a raise.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “It isn’t your job to take on more work without compensation. They should hire another employee. Find a new job and set the starting date for five weeks out. Use your vacation days up and never look back.”

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