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After Years of Silence with His Estranged Father, a Deceitful Financial Scheme Soon Emerged, Forcing the Son To Take Drastic Action.

The Original Poster (OP) reconnects with his father, whose alcoholism and manipulation left indelible scars. When a chance for financial restitution surfaces, OP is thrust into a moral dilemma, setting the stage for a climax rife with deceit and realization.

Traumatic Past

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OP recalls the traumatic memories from an early age when his father, a severe alcoholic and manipulator, caused him significant distress. OP’s brave mother left his father. However, OP still spends weekends with him.

Broken Trust

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OP’s father tried to buy over his son with gifts and animals to compensate for his erratic behavior. Even at a young age, OP knew his father wasn’t well, and he couldn’t rely on him for care.

Actionable Neglect

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When he was seven years old, OP’s father gave him money to buy snacks at the gas station several blocks from the house. It was late in the evening, and when he left the gas station, it was dark. A police officer picked up OP while he was walking home alone in the dark.

Sudden Disappearance

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After accumulating multiple charges and DUIs, as well as a couple of child endangerment cases, the father, fearing imprisonment, abandoned his home, leaving behind all his responsibilities and pets.

The Reappearance

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Out of the blue, the father begins to show up at OP’s school, drunk and bearing gifts, causing alarm and leading the school to devise a safety plan, barring him from entry. Again, the police were called on him when he was caught harassing school officials.

A Decade of Silence

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For approximately 13 years, OP hears nothing from his father, growing up without his presence or influence. OP and his mom were a dependable pair, helping take care of each other in the absence of any other family member.

Facebook Contact

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One day, OP, now 20 years old, is stunned by a sudden message from his father on Facebook extending an offer to reconnect and provide financial assistance. OP was not prepared for the influx of emotions that hit him like a tidal wave.

Emotions Collide

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Initial shock and sorrow soon give way to anger. Facing financial difficulties, OP thinks about exploiting the situation, given his father owes him so much. Upon meeting, OP is taken aback by his father’s appearance, resembling a destitute man one might see begging on the streets.

The Devious Plan

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OP learns that his estranged uncle has been sending money meant for him through his father. Their father proposes to keep a third of the amount and give OP the rest. His father has a burner phone, running out of minutes, and no ID, leaving OP to figure out how to receive the money.

A Risky Move

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Deciding to bypass their father, OP contacts the uncle directly to get the code to retrieve the money. Armed with the code, OP goes ahead to claim the entire amount, effectively sidelining his father.

Cutting Ties

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OP makes a firm decision to block his father, cementing the distance between them. In response, the father leaves a series of aggressive voicemails, hurling abuses and accusations at his estranged son.

A Bitter Realization

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OP realizes his father’s motives were never about reconnection but rather to use him as a conduit to extract money from his brother. OP acknowledges that their actions might be seen as wrong but, given his father’s track record, feels it is justified.

Unresolved Tensions

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Despite the passage of time and distance, the shadows of the past continue to haunt OP, with no signs of true reconciliation in sight. Both OP and their father, in their own ways, reflect a cycle of dysfunction and mistrust perpetuated by years of trauma and manipulation.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Don’t worry about it. Your Uncle would only send money for you. You just honored his wishes by taking the money. There’s no doubt it’s better in your hands than your dad’s.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Please at least get to know this uncle some. It sounds like he supports your life, and I’m sure he’d be happy to get to know you. This man is willfully giving you money and has no obligation to.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Better call your uncle and warn him too. I’m glad you got the money. But do beware, if your birth father knows where you work or live, he may keep harassing you for the money. Just keep a lookout.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Basically, all you did was not assist your dad in stealing from his brother. Good for you. You did the right thing.”

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