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Man Purchases a $50,000 Guitar From His Colleague for $4,000, But When the Seller Learns of His Mistake The Fallout Threatens More Than Just Their Work Relationship.

In an intriguing tale of opportunity and conflict, the Original Poster (OP), a passionate guitarist, becomes the owner of a prized 1952 Telecaster, unknowingly stirring a fierce controversy. OP’s wife’s coworker sells the valuable instrument to him for a fraction of its worth, only to realize his mistake two weeks later. Refusing to return the guitar, OP makes a persistent adversary out of the new acquaintance. Just when it seems the turmoil has peaked, an unexpected twist further fuels the conflict, leaving one to wonder, how will this tale ultimately strum its final note?

A Lyrical Life

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OP, a guitar enthusiast with a 22-year history in the field, has an acute understanding of the current market. His wife, discussing his hobby with her coworkers, piques the interest of a popular colleague who has inherited his estranged father’s old guitar and is keen to sell it, unaware of its true worth.

The $46,000 Misunderstanding

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The guitar turns out to be a mint condition 1952 Telecaster. The unaware coworker thinks $4,000 is a fair price based on a quick online search. OP, realizing the instrument’s worth, agrees to the bargain deal, leaving both parties satisfied.

The Unveiling

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OP reveals to his wife that the guitar they’ve purchased for $4,000 is actually worth a staggering $50,000. She is floored by this revelation and supports his decision to keep that information from the seller. The transaction appears to be a great success for the enterprising couple.

A Late Awakening

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Two weeks later, the coworker discovers the actual value of the guitar from a family friend. He confronts OP’s wife about this, expressing his desire to have the guitar back. OP’s wife says that her husband is unlikely to sell it back, setting the stage for tension.

Accusations and Threats

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The coworker accuses OP of scamming him and threatens to take legal action. He also involves HR, implying that OP’s wife is part of the scam. The HR department states that this has nothing to do with work property, and therefore, they have no say in the matter.

Escalation at the Workplace

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The workplace tension escalates as the coworker consistently bothers OP’s wife about the guitar. He continues to insist on it being returned, leading OP’s wife to finally complain to HR. Despite a strict warning about harassment, the coworker persists.

Termination and Restraining Order

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The coworker’s continued harassment leads to his termination from work, his main source of income. Desperate and irate, he doubles down on his attempts to have the guitar returned to him. Meanwhile, OP secures a restraining order against the coworker due to his relentless insistence.

Unwanted Contact

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Despite the restraining order and the job loss, the irate coworker still tries to contact OP multiple times. OP blocks the man on all of his devices and social media accounts, buying him temporary relief.

The Forgotten Threat

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OP discloses a threatening voicemail left by the coworker demanding the guitar back. He admits that the coworker’s aggressive approach and threatening behavior sealed his decision to keep the guitar.

The Telecaster’s Future

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OP firmly decides to keep the guitar, now part of his cherished collection. It remains an emblem of a bitter conflict but also an artifact of incredible musical history. Despite the controversy, the guitar isn’t going anywhere.

In Defense of Opportunism

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OP strongly defends his decision to purchase the guitar at the offered price. He draws comparisons to garage sale finds and criticizes those claiming they would have acted differently. He believes all sales are final, and if the seller makes a mistake, it is his fault for not researching the real value beforehand.

The Echo of Conflict

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The bitter conflict with the coworker leaves a lasting impact. In the end, OP remains the proud owner of the 1952 Telecaster, now intertwined with a tale of conflict, opportunism, and public vindication.

The Judgment

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OP seeks the opinion of an online forum regarding his actions, sparking a vibrant discussion. The public weighs in, with many declaring their support for OP. He revels in the affirmation, vindicated in his decision to buy the guitar.

Was The Guitar Collector’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP wonders if he could have handled the situation differently. The readers in the forum had much to say on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader says, “When you sell something, it is your responsibility to know or determine what it is worth, not the person you are selling to.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “I don’t think you should sell it back to him. You paid the price he gave you (bad on him). You just seriously took advantage of him (bad on you).”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Harassing you and your wife is not okay whatsoever, regardless of circumstance. But let’s be real, you did prey on his ignorance and took advantage of it, which doesn’t make you look good either.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader replied, “You knew what it was worth and blatantly ripped the guy off. He just lost his dad and was probably having a hard time and just wanting to unload stuff, but you could have leveled with the guy and told him the truth.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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