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“Elbow Bumps Are In”: Social Norms We Kept After the Pandemic

The pandemic didn’t just upend our daily lives; it revolutionized our social norms, ushering in a new era of personal space and digital engagement. From the extinction of the buffet line—mourned by some yet understood by many—to the myriad of changes that have subtly settled into our routines, this list compiles the most striking social shifts. So, fasten your seatbelt (sanitized, of course) for a tour through our new normal—just don’t expect to shake hands when we arrive.

Handshakes Became History

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Once a universal greeting, the handshake has become rare post-pandemic. The fear of germ transmission turned this polite gesture into a taboo. Now, people opt for a nod or an elbow bump to say hello. “I don’t miss handshakes,” admits Jaime, an online commenter, “elbow bumps feel more hygienic.”

Crowded Elevators Are a No-Go

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The days of squeezing into elevators with a dozen others are over. People now prefer to wait for an emptier ride, valuing personal space over convenience. Signs limiting capacity are common, and the rides are quieter, with fewer people chatting. It’s a small price to pay for a sense of safety.

Buffet Lines Busted

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Buffets, once a symbol of abundance and choice, have largely disappeared. Health concerns have led to the rise of pre-packaged meals or plated services. The shared serving utensils and close quarters of buffet lines are now seen as a relic. “Buffets were my favorite,” laments an online commenter, “but I understand why they’re gone.”

Working From Home Became the Norm

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The daily commute to the office is now optional for many. Working from home has proven to be more than a temporary measure. Companies have adapted, and employees enjoy the flexibility. It’s a shift that’s redefining work-life balance across the globe.

Digital Payments Over Cash

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Cash transactions, once king, have taken a backseat to digital payments. Contactless payments are not just convenient; they’re seen as more sanitary. From small vendors to large stores, the tap of a phone has replaced the handover of bills. “I barely remember the last time I carried cash,” shares Jack on a forum.

No More Crammed Public Transport

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Public transportation has seen a cultural shift. Buses and trains are less crowded as people stagger their travel times or use alternative means. Health concerns have sparked a surge in cycling and walking. The reduced crowding is a silver lining for many commuters.

Remote Learning Revolution

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Schools and universities rapidly embraced online learning. The remote learning revolution has altered the educational landscape forever. Though challenging, it has introduced new methods of teaching and learning. “My kids adapted surprisingly well to online classes,” reflects a parent in an online discussion.

The Decline of Business Travel

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Business travel lost its allure when the pandemic proved that virtual meetings could suffice. Companies have slashed travel budgets, appreciating the cost savings and environmental benefits. Employees no longer endure the wear and tear of constant travel. It’s a new era of work and connectivity.

The Rise of Telehealth

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Doctor’s appointments moved online, giving birth to the telehealth boom. Patients now often have the option of consulting with their physician via video call. This has made healthcare more accessible for many, saving time and reducing exposure to germs. “Telehealth has been a game-changer for me,” comments Jordan, a patient online.

Casual Dress Codes

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Corporate attire took a backseat as work from home became widespread. Suits and formal wear are now reserved for special occasions, if at all. The new casual dress code has seeped into the few days employees spend in the office. Comfort has become king in the post-pandemic workplace.

The End of Paper Menus

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Restaurants have ditched paper menus for their digital counterparts. QR codes on tables lead to online menus, reducing contact points. This change has also allowed for dynamic updating of offerings. “I love the new digital menus,” says a diner in a Yelp review, “they’re always up-to-date.”

Decreased Impromptu Visits

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The culture of dropping by a friend’s house unannounced has dwindled. Now, visits are more planned and often outside. People are more conscious of personal space and health. This new etiquette has reshaped social interactions in neighborhoods.

The Evolution of Movie Nights

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The movie-going experience has transformed with more streaming at home. Theaters are visited less frequently, and home entertainment systems have become more sophisticated. Movie nights now often mean a curated selection from various streaming platforms. “Streaming has made movie nights so convenient,” a cinephile comments online.

Virtual Events as Mainstream

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Concerts, conferences, and family gatherings have found a new home online. Virtual events have become so polished that they’re often preferred. They’ve allowed for greater inclusivity and accessibility. It’s a trend that has outlived necessity and become a preference.

Self-Checkout Everywhere

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Self-checkout lanes have become ubiquitous, reducing face-to-face interactions. Supermarkets and stores have expanded their self-service options. This not only minimizes contact but also speeds up the shopping process. It’s a reflection of our heightened desire for efficiency and safety.

Hugs Became Precious

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The casual hug has become a considered gesture. People now often ask before entering someone’s personal space. The pandemic has made us more aware of the boundaries others may have. “I appreciate hugs more now,” a commenter notes, “they feel like a true sign of closeness.”

Sanitizer Stations at Every Door

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Hand sanitizers have become as common as doorbells. Every store, office, and public space has a sanitizer station at the entrance. It’s a simple act that’s become second nature to many. We’ve learned the value of clean hands like never before.

Air Travel Reimagined

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Air travel now involves more than just packing and passports. Health certifications and masks have become as essential as boarding passes. The process is more complex, but it’s for the collective good. The skies are still open, but the way we fly has changed significantly.

Fitness Moved Outdoors

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Gyms have faced stiff competition from the great outdoors. Many have taken up jogging, cycling, or outdoor workouts. This shift has brought a new appreciation for parks and open spaces. “Outdoor workouts have revitalized my routine,” shares an online fitness enthusiast.

Contact Tracing Apps Became Standard

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The introduction of contact tracing apps helped manage the spread of the virus. Downloading an app became part of the routine when entering new spaces. These apps have raised discussions about privacy, but their utility was undeniable. They represented a new intersection of technology and public health.

Resurgence of Local Tourism

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International travel restrictions led to a resurgence in local tourism. People started exploring their own regions more, finding gems in their backyards. This shift has benefited local economies and the environment. “Staycations have opened my eyes to local beauty,” says a traveler on a blog.

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