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Her Boss Makes Her Job Unbearable But a Stunning Fraud Revelation Leads to a Humiliating Exit.

When the Original Poster (OP) began working at a pet store, they faced conflict with their department manager, Stephanie. As the tension escalated, the OP uncovered a secret that would lead to a stunning payback.

New Beginnings

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OP gets a job at a pet store to support themselves during college. They work in the department selling fish, aquariums, reptiles, and birds. The store manager, Kurt, is an old-school, hard-working guy.

The Witch of the Department

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OP’s department manager, Stephanie, is a difficult person. They clash over reptile knowledge, as OP has more experience. Stephanie begins to treat OP poorly, even saying, “You are the weak link in my team.”

Unexpected Cutbacks

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After a year, OP’s work hours are reduced by 25%. The store manager explains the department lost money, but OP is puzzled.

Stephanie’s Strange Behavior

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Stephanie starts to take more interest in customers, helping specific ones and giving OP busywork. One customer praises Stephanie’s kindness. OP learns that Stephanie breeds mice and other animals, selling them outside the store.

Undermining Corporate Policies

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Stephanie’s side business violates the store policy, which includes not selling live mice or bait as snake food. Her actions take business away from the store. Employees’ hours are cut, but she profits from her scheme.

Solving the Mystery

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OP tries to understand how Stephanie’s actions cost the store money. The OP observes her closely when she helps her customers. They notice her picking out expensive items and taking them to the register.

Collecting Evidence

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OP writes down the items Stephanie picks and notes the time. They later learn from cashiers that Stephanie only rings up certain customers and acts weird during transactions. They suspect she’s applying significant discounts or misusing coupons.

Gathering Support

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OP gets coworkers to confirm Stephanie’s under-the-table sales and odd behavior. They decide to talk to Kurt, the store manager, and present their findings.

Revealing the Truth

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The OP hands Kurt a list of items and transaction details, asking him to investigate. They explain their suspicions about Stephanie’s actions. Kurt thanks OP and promises to look into it.

Corporate Involvement

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Weeks later, Kurt and a regional manager from corporate watch Stephanie. They watch her in the act of assisting her customers, ringing up only some items, and giving away expensive merchandise.

Uncovering the Fraud

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Stephanie is found to have given away over $1,500 in merchandise. Kurt also discovers an excessive amount of written-off broken items in the department, all signed off by Stephanie. She is charged with defrauding the store of over $3,500.

Police Intervention

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Kurt arranges for the police to be present when Stephanie is fired. She is escorted out of the store by officers. OP watches the scene unfold, feeling a sense of justice.

The Wink

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As Stephanie makes eye contact with OP while being escorted out, OP winks at her. This is a small but satisfying victory for OP. The insufferable manager has finally been exposed. It’s unclear what happened to Stephanie, but OP knows that their actions led to her downfall. The store is rid of a dishonest manager, and OP has the satisfaction of playing a role in her exposure.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “If I’ve learned anything from this sub, it’s that documenting things and establishing a paper trail is key.”

Another View

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Another reader wrote: “No, the best part of this revenge is that what OP did was legit the right thing to do. So they get their revenge and get to pat themselves on the back for doing the right thing.”

A Final Thought

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A different person states: “Love the wink at the end.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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