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He Faithfully Paid Child Support for a Decade, But a Stranger’s Claim and a DNA Test Revealed a Heart-Wrenching Secret.

The Original Poster (OP) navigates the heartbreak of a tumultuous marriage ending in divorce. As the years progress, with child support payments accumulating, a shocking revelation from an unexpected source catapults OP into a quest for truth as he confronts the realities of paternity and the complexities of justice.

The Divorce

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OP recalls the painful memory of the divorce that happened due to his ex-wife’s repeated infidelity. With a young child caught in between, she made every possible effort to distance OP from their son. This resulted in sporadic visits, allowing OP to see his child only a few times annually.

A Decade of Support

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Over ten long years, OP diligently paid child support, amounting to $65,000. Regardless of his feelings towards his ex, he ensured the financial well-being of his son. Yet, the connection with his child remained distant and strained.

The Unexpected Message

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One day, an unexpected message arrived. A man claiming he might be the birth father of OP’s son reached out. This revelation shook OP to the core and brought back memories of the past when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Recollections of a Deployment

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Before leaving on deployment, OP was told by his ex-wife that she was pregnant. Despite having been on birth control, she insisted it had failed. The man who contacted OP shared tales of multiple indiscretions with OP’s ex.

The Other Man’s Tale

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The man described drunken nights and unprotected encounters, which painted a picture of a woman unfamiliar to OP. What shocked him even more was that this man was unaware she was married.

Unprotected Affairs

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OP’s ex-wife had several unprotected affairs, raising suspicions about the true paternity of the child. The likelihood of her birth control failing seemed minuscule compared to the possibility of another man being the father.

The Birthday Visit

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The child’s birthday was approaching, and OP decided to make a trip across the country. Despite the distance and his ex-wife’s hostility, he hoped to establish a connection with his son and prove once and for all whether he was his birth father.

Hostile Reception

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Upon arrival, OP faced the familiar contempt of his ex-wife. Accusations of flaunting his wealth and influencing their son against her were hurled at him. But OP stood his ground, refusing to be pushed away.

Secret Mission

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Seizing an opportunity, OP discreetly obtained DNA samples from his son. The pressing need to uncover the truth about his son’s paternity weighed heavily on his mind. He submitted the samples to a lab and waited.

The Results

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The DNA test results were clear and irrevocable: OP was not the biological father. The realization was a sharp stab, confirming the suspicions that had long plagued him. He mourns the years he was deceived into believing he was the father.

Pursuit of Justice

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Anger and betrayal fueled OP’s decision to sue his ex-wife. He initiated a lawsuit, aiming to reclaim the $65,000 he had paid over the years. The news of the lawsuit spread, and OP faced backlash from many corners.

OP’s Stance

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Sympathies flowed for his ex-wife, painting her as a struggling single mother and OP as the villain. Unwavering in his decision, OP remained determined to reclaim the money. He believed in standing up against the injustice he had endured for over a decade.

The Financial Gap

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OP’s ex-wife’s financial struggles became a focal point of discussion. Earning significantly less than OP, the lawsuit’s amount was bound to cripple her financially. Arguments ensued about the ethics of OP’s decision.

The Morality Debate

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Was it right for him to demand restitution, or should he have let go, considering the child’s well-being? OP’s fury wasn’t just about the money; it was about the years lost, the relationship severed, and the deception he faced.

The Legal Battle

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With evidence, testimonies, and emotions running high, the case unfolded dramatically. Amidst the chaos, OP sought closure. Whether it was through justice, understanding, or acceptance, he hoped to find a way to move forward.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and advice from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Did you consult with a lawyer before commencing the lawsuit? In many jurisdictions, you would not be able to recover child support because you acted as a parent to the child for a long time.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I would have the guy that told you to get tested and then take all evidence to family court. Some states require a husband (at the time of birth) to continue to pay if the woman doesn’t know who the father is. Good luck.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Why not revisit this in court, demand a paternity test, and work just to stop paying altogether? The money was used for the kid, and it’s not the kid’s fault you didn’t ask for a paternity test to begin with.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Child support is to support a child, not your ex-wife. You’re not suing your ex. In all actuality, you’re suing a minor who was wholly ignorant of the deception. Frankly, this is on you as much as it is on her. She might be a liar, but you enabled it.”

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