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Employee’s Strawberry Lunch Accused of Triggering Allergy Panic With Coworker, But Questions About the Validity of Her Reaction Casts Doubt on the Claim.

In a bustling city office, the Original Poster (OP) becomes the center of an unexpected controversy involving her lunch choice: strawberries. When a coworker named Jane accuses her of endangering her life due to a supposed strawberry allergy, the office gets divided, leading to a tumultuous climax that pits colleagues against each other.

Urban Work Life

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OP works in a large office situated in a bustling city. She resides on a floor dedicated to a particular company branch, sharing the space with just a handful of colleagues. Being pressed for time often, OP prefers bringing her own lunch to the office.

The Love for Strawberries

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Among her favorite foods are strawberries. These juicy fruits frequently find their place in her lunchbox, serving as a refreshing midday snack. OP enjoys them almost religiously along with sandwiches and chips for lunch.

New Neighbor

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A week ago, Jane joined the office, setting up her workspace seven doors down from OP. At 47, Jane was a new addition to the team, yet her presence was unfamiliar to most on the floor. OP didn’t anticipate the drama she would soon bring.

Unexpected Confrontation

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While typing an email and eating strawberries, OP is startled by an abrupt knock. It’s Jane, flushed with anger, demanding to know what OP thinks she’s doing. Caught off guard, OP stammers, unable to comprehend the sudden hostility.

Allergic Accusations

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Jane, her voice shrill and piercing, informs OP of her supposed allergy to strawberries. She claims that merely the scent could trigger a severe allergic reaction. Confused and slightly choking on her bite, OP hurries to seal her lunch, only to be met with further wrath for her “ignorance.”

Storing The Evidence

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Wishing to defuse the situation, OP apologizes and safely stows her lunch away. The strawberries, now a topic of contention, are tucked away in a desk drawer. The atmosphere in the room remains charged, and an uneasy quiet replaces the prior outburst.

Seeking a Solution

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Determined to avoid a repeat of the previous day’s events, OP approaches her supervisor, Derrick. She proposes the idea of putting up a sign indicating the allergies of coworkers. This, she hopes, would prevent any future conflicts or potential health issues.

Derrick’s Revelation

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Derrick, however, seems bewildered by OP’s recounting. He clarifies that Jane hadn’t mentioned any such allergy on her official employee records. This revelation leaves OP both relieved and perplexed.

Return of the Strawberries

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With Derrick’s reassurance, strawberries make their comeback in OP’s lunchbox. But as she opens her meal, Jane’s voice, louder than before, accuses OP of attempting to murder her. The commotion attracts a curious crowd of colleagues.

Division Among Colleagues

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The office gets divided in the aftermath of the strawberry scandal. While some label OP as heartless, siding with Jane, others offer her solace, recounting their own bizarre encounters with Jane’s “allergies.”

Strange Allergies Emerge

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It appears that Jane’s list of alleged allergens is ever-expanding. From carrots and beans to avocados, several coworkers recall being scolded by her. This shared experience becomes a topic of whispered conversations in the office.

A Barrage of Blame

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As days roll on, OP’s inbox becomes a battleground. A series of aggressive emails from Jane and her supporters berate her for her perceived insensitivity. The weight of these messages casts a shadow over OP’s daily routine.

The Few Supporters

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A handful of colleagues rally around OP, assuring her of her innocence. They believe she’s been caught in an unnecessary drama, an unwitting pawn in Jane’s game. Conflicted and distressed, OP reflects on the whirlwind of events.

Reflecting on the Drama

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Had OP inadvertently become the villain in this office saga? Despite her belief in her innocence, the backlash makes her second-guess herself. Her actions, once considered benign, now seem contentious.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and validation from the internet community. By sharing her story, she hopes to gain insights into her actions and whether she was in the wrong. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Enjoy your fruits. Next time she comes in, tell her to follow up with the supervisor and HR. You inquired and were cleared to eat them at the office.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “If she’s done this to other coworkers about other foods, I’m willing to bet she either just doesn’t like the smell or she likes the drama and attention. There’s no allergy involved, or she would have documentation.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “You should email the office and ask if there’s Benadryl and Pepcid in the first aid kit in the office. If Jane doesn’t know what the Pepcid is for, then you know she’s a liar. Anyone with severe allergies knows why Pepcid and it’s not heartburn.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Report those emails and calls to HR. Those communications are harassment. Jane really should not have a job at the office anymore, and neither should anyone else who is doing this to you.”

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