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She Found Comfort in Her Whimsical Office Decor, But Her New Coworker Had a Shockingly Different Perspective.

When the Original Poster (OP) decorates her office with a unique blend of kitschy items, they find solace in her eccentric setup. However, a company reshuffle results in a new coworker sharing the space, who finds the décor unprofessional and damaging to the company’s image. This leads to an escalating tension between the two, pushing OP to a challenging crossroads.

The Art of Bad Taste

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OP admits to having a peculiar sense of style, which some might consider to be in bad taste. They’ve been at the same job for half a decade and now enjoy a supervisory role. OP’s office, a testament to her quirky taste, is adorned with various offbeat decorations.

The Sanctum of Eccentricity

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OP’s office is a carefully curated collection of things they love. A motivational Persian cat poster, a gumball machine, a tuxedo cat clock, and a wild spider plant are just a few of the items that grace the space. While they might not have the notorious “Dogs Playing Poker” or Velvet Elvis, they wouldn’t mind having them.

The Arrival of the Newbie

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Company reshuffles introduce a curveball into OP’s solitary office life. A new coworker has come into the picture, and she’s meant to share the office. But it quickly becomes clear that she isn’t a fan of the décor.

Clash of Aesthetics

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The new coworker is vocal about her disdain for OP’s decorations. She deems them “crazy” and “unprofessional,” claiming they are a distraction. Even worse, she believes it tarnishes the company’s reputation.

A Matter of Comfort

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OP defends her choices. They argue that the décor makes them feel at ease, boosting her productivity. She reminds the newcomer that it was her office first, and no higher-ups have ever complained.

An Offer of Compromise

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Tensions rise as both parties find it hard to see eye to eye. Hoping to ease the strain, OP proposes a compromise: she is willing to remove a few items. However, the coworker remains adamant, insisting on a complete overhaul.

The Ice Age

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Relations between OP and her new officemate become incredibly strained. The jovial atmosphere of the office now feels cold and unwelcoming. Every interaction is laced with an underlying tension.

The Image Dilemma

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The coworker consistently points to the perceived damage to the company’s image as the main concern. She seems to genuinely believe that OP’s quirky decor choices are detrimental to the business. OP, however, remains skeptical.

Thoughts of Surrender

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Feeling the weight of the ongoing conflict, OP contemplates caving in. They wonder if it’s worth all the hassle and if it would be best to just redo the office to appease the new colleague. The question of who’s right hangs heavily in the air.

The Higher Ground

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OP has never had complaints before and feels that her decorations play a role in her work efficiency. For OP, the decorations represent her personality, comfort zone, and work identity. Giving them up would feel like a personal loss.

The Standstill

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Neither OP nor the coworker is ready to budge. They’re at an impasse, with each day more uncomfortable than the last. The office, once a sanctuary for OP, now feels like a battlefield. While it’s clear where the coworker stands, OP wonders about others’ perceptions.

Balancing Act

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Do colleagues share the newbie’s sentiments? Or is this merely the perspective of one vocal individual? OP grapples with maintaining individuality while fostering a positive work environment. The challenge lies in striking the right balance.

Reflecting on Traditions

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For five years, this office has been OP’s domain, filled with items that brought them joy and motivation. Now, these cherished traditions are under threat. The sentimental value of each piece becomes even more pronounced.

Silent Pleas

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Amidst the ongoing tensions, there’s a silent hope that the coworker might come to understand OP’s attachment to the decor. Maybe with time, she would grow to appreciate, or at least tolerate, the unique setup.

Was The Employee’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Is there enough room to separate the room with a cubicle divider down the middle between your desks? If so, put all your decor on your side of the screen. Then she can decorate her side as ‘professionally’ as she sees fit.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I think more compromise is in order. It is no longer your personal space. No matter how long you’ve been there, it is no longer solely your office. It is a shared space. Both of you need to be comfortable there.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “I’d say keep the plant and a poster. Those Felix clocks tick loudly every second, and I agree they can be distracting to others.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “I recommend office dividers or moving your tables so she doesn’t have to look at your stuff all day. I like quirky offices, but if it distracts her, you must find a solution. Also, even if you can get dividers or move the desks, you should get rid of the clock. Some people just can’t ignore that sound.”

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