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His Ex-Girlfriend Betrays Him and Moves On, But His Clever Revenge Causes Chaos in Her New Relationship

After the Original Poster (OP) is abruptly kicked out of the home he shared with his ex-girlfriend, he uses tiny, battery-powered noisemakers to torment his former lover and her new boyfriend. The story reaches its peak as the relationship between the ex-girlfriend and her new partner unravels due to the inexplicable and eerie sounds they can’t seem to escape.

The Heartbreaking Request

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The OP’s girlfriend asks him to move out while she’s on a work trip, revealing that her new boyfriend will be moving in when she returns. Betrayed and hurt, the OP wants to get revenge.

The Ingenious Plan

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The OP purchases a box of 20 noisemakers for $100 online. The noisemakers are small, emit random sounds, and can be hidden anywhere. The OP plants them in the house, car, and even the girlfriend’s boat. The OP writes, “They last ages and fit perfectly in light fixtures and in wall outlets.”

Unpredictable Sounds

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The noisemakers cycle through various creepy noises, including children laughing and a “dying breath.” They are just loud enough for one person to hear but quiet enough that another may not notice. Their randomness makes them difficult to pinpoint.

Moving On

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Months pass, and the OP finds a new place to live, rebuilding his life. He keeps in touch with a mutual friend of his ex. The friend isn’t pleased with how the ex-girlfriend treated and broke up with the OP.

The Camping Prank

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The mutual friend wants to prank his friends during a camping trip. The OP tells him about the noisemakers, and the friend begins to suspect the OP used them on his ex-girlfriend. He asks, “You put these in her house, didn’t you!?”

The Hysterical Revelation

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The OP admits to using the noisemakers on his ex-girlfriend, and the friend laughs hysterically. The friend reveals that the ex’s new relationship ended after just a few months. The mysterious sounds had been bothering both of them, and they agreed it may have helped drive the new boyfriend away.

The Unraveling Relationship

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The friend explains what they hear from the ex. She and her new boyfriend couldn’t figure out the source of the sounds. They began to question their own mental states. The new boyfriend eventually leaves, fed up with living in the drama-inducing house.

The Unexpected Aftermath

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The OP never expected to hear any updates about his revenge plan. He enjoys the satisfaction of knowing it worked. He writes” “rode that train for weeks.”

The House Abandoned

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His ex moves out of the house and asks her parents to sell it or give it to her brother. She refuses to tell them why. The OP continues to feel satisfied with his handiwork.

No Grudges Held

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Despite his revenge, the OP claims to hold no grudge against his ex. He omits the details of his revenge when asked about her. He’s reached a “blissful state of satisfied with my work.”

A Hidden Legacy

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The noisemakers remain in the ex’s former home, car, and boat. The OP never reveals their locations. The mysterious sounds persist for the foreseeable future, unknown exactly how long the batteries last.

The Price of Revenge

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The OP questions if his revenge was worth the $100 spent on noisemakers, but the satisfaction and lasting impact make it a worthwhile investment. His revenge becomes a legendary story, leaving others to ponder the power of vengeance.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “I think my suitemate in college put one of those things behind our fridge & I thought I was going nuts for months until I finally found it by accident.”

Another reader wrote: “My brother bought 3-4 of these and hid them in our lounge. We easily found all of them because he wasn’t good at hiding them, we, on the other hand, were very good at hiding them, went to his bedroom, behind a poster on the wall, inside a packet of cards, he never found any of them and couldn’t sleep for a couple of weeks before we told him where they were.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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