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They Jumped Ship at Work for a Promising New Future, But Their New Role Put Them at Odds With Their Old Boss in an Unexpected Showdown.

When the Original Poster (OP) started a new job at a small company, they hoped for growth and recognition. Yet, after a perceived undervaluation and a leap to a more significant opportunity, OP finds themselves at the crossroads of personal integrity and business decisions, culminating in a high-stakes contract evaluation.

Fresh Start

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After college, OP began a new job, choosing a smaller, privately-owned business over larger corporations. OP believed this smaller environment would provide more diverse experiences and quicker advancement.

No Reviews Here

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The company’s current owner had only recently purchased it, inheriting many of the existing clients and contracts. However, the owner didn’t believe in annual employee evaluations. Instead, he encouraged open dialogue whenever issues arose.

Seeking a Raise

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After 18 months of diligent work, OP approached the owner to discuss a salary increase. Eagerly awaiting the owner’s response, OP anticipated a favorable outcome given their contributions. A few days later, the owner proposed a minor raise and some additional vacation time.

Disappointment Sets In

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The owner’s offer frustrated OP, who was spearheading numerous profitable projects. OP felt undervalued, knowing the company’s increased revenue was a direct result of their hard work. The promise of a reevaluation in a year wasn’t entirely reassuring.

A Lucrative Opportunity

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Half a year later, a long-standing client offered OP a significantly higher position. This new role was both a career and a financial leap. After a week of contemplation, OP decided to move forward with this new opportunity.

Parting Tensions

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Upon handing in the two-week notice, OP’s boss was livid. Accusing OP of ingratitude and leaving the team vulnerable, the atmosphere grew cold. A week later, the boss ended OP’s tenure despite ongoing projects.

A Familiar Contract

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At the new position, one of OP’s initial tasks was to assess the contract held by their former employer. OP questioned the ethical implications of this but was assured by the new boss. Striving for objectivity, OP evaluated the contract diligently.

The Shift

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OP and other evaluators determined there were more economical options than continuing with the former employer. This unanimous decision led to the higher-ups opting not to renew the old contract.

Accusations Fly

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Upon hearing the news, the old boss was irate, labeling OP a traitor. He believed OP influenced the contract’s termination out of vengeance. OP defended their integrity, echoing the boss’s earlier sentiment: “Just business, no hard feelings.”

Unpleasant Repercussions

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A past colleague informed OP about the dire consequences facing the old company due to the lost contract. Layoffs and potential closure loomed on the horizon. The ex-boss squarely blamed OP for the company’s bleak outlook.

Professional Ethics

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OP was caught between the accusations and their own ethical standards. Having acted in the best interest of the new employer, OP felt their decision was justified. The weight of being blamed for a company’s potential demise, however, was burdensome.

Loyalties Tested

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The situation put OP’s loyalties to the test. While they had once been an integral part of the smaller company, the new opportunity demanded their unbiased judgment. The professional and personal worlds clashed, making decisions increasingly complicated.

Reflecting on Choices

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OP contemplated the sequence of events that had unfolded. The journey had been tumultuous from seeking a raise to being at the center of a contractual dispute. Every choice made ripples outwards, affecting more than just OP’s personal sphere.

Old Ties

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The interaction with the old boss and the news from the ex-colleague brought forth mixed emotions. Memories of the time spent at the smaller company, the bonds formed, and the experiences shared made the situation even more challenging.

Holding Ground

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Despite the turmoil, OP stood firm on their decisions. They believed in their professional integrity and the choices made in the best interests of their current position. Facing accusations and understanding the ramifications, OP’s resilience was tested.

Moving Forward

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OP focused on the present and the responsibilities of the new role. Determined to excel and contribute positively, they aimed to bring about growth and success in the current organization. Past experiences, though challenging, were learning curves paving the way for the future.

Acceptance and Growth

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OP recognized the impermanence of situations and the importance of continuous growth. Even as they faced blame and potential repercussions, they were ready to embrace the future. Through acceptance and understanding, OP navigated the challenges, ready for whatever lay ahead.

Was The Worker’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts the story online for feedback and perspective from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Your ex-boss didn’t appreciate the work you did, so you left. You and a few other people found better options. You didn’t do this out of spite.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Completely apart from moral ‘that’s what you get’ kind of judgment: A company that will die if one of their clients finds a better option is already dead.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Please don’t be guilted by this. I’ve also worked for a small private company, led a massive project that was also one of the most profitable and didn’t see a dime in bonus. I left the company right after.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “Your old boss had to do the best he could for his company, and your loyalty to the company ended with your last paycheck. Now your loyalty is to your new company, and you must do your best for your new employer.”

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