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They Offered to Share the Fence Cost in the Spirit of Harmony, But the Neighbor’s Sneaky Move Left Everyone in Shock.

In a freshly minted neighborhood, the Original Poster (OP) extends an olive branch, offering to share the cost of a dividing fence with two adjacent neighbors. While one neighbor leaps at the chance, forging an amicable bond, the other initially declines, only to later change their mind in a manner that tests boundaries. As fences rise, so does tension, leading to an unexpected confrontation.

New Beginnings

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OP and their family move into a new home development, excited about the fresh start. The family has been living in a townhouse in the city and wanted to move to a separate house with a large yard in the suburbs.

A Clear Divide

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As the family settles into their new neighborhood, they note the lack of fencing and consider their options. The neighborhood looks promising, and the idea of setting boundaries begins to form.

The Proposal

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Understanding the value of good fences and neighborly relationships, OP decides to discuss a fencing plan with both neighbors. They offer a cost-splitting deal for the sections of the fence that would be shared.

A Split Decision

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One of the neighbors gladly agrees to OP’s proposal, showcasing their mutual understanding. This neighbor goes ahead and installs their own fence while OP does, using the same fencing company and splitting the cost of the six sections they share.

The Unexpected Sight

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The other neighbor, however, politely declined the offer at the time. This neighbor does not mix with the others on the street and keeps to themselves as much as possible. Two years later, a familiar scene unfolds outside OP’s window.

Suspicions Arise

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The fence company they had hired is parked in front of the once-reluctant neighbor’s house who is getting a new fence installed. The sections bundled on the truck’s trailer match OP’s fence style exactly.

A Sudden Change of Heart

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Upon inquiry, the fence company reveals that the hesitant neighbors have now decided to install a fence. However, they plan to latch onto OP’s existing structure, the section of fence they decided not to contribute to years ago.

A Silent Phone

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Seeking clarity, OP sends a text to the husband of the neighboring household. Time ticks by, but no response arrives. With a deep breath, OP approaches the neighbor’s door, ringing the bell. As the door swings open, the wife appears, eyes meeting OP’s.

Casual Disregard

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The wife’s casual stance contrasts sharply with OP’s concerns. She offhandedly mentions that fences between houses usually connect. Firmly yet politely, OP states that the neighbors should set up their own post rather than attaching it to the existing fence.

A Firm No

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OP insists they should have communicated their intentions before the fencing company started work. OP had not agreed to the attachments to their property and was not inclined to do them any favors since they had not financially invested in the existing fence.

The Community’s Whisper

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Word of the fence fiasco spreads within the community. Neighbors whisper about OP’s spat with the neighbor and the resulting change in fence design. Community members take sides and share opinions.

The Power of Dialogue

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Realizing the importance of communication, OP considers reopening the conversation with the neighbors. Perhaps a middle ground could be found, benefiting both parties. Hope for reconciliation glimmers on the horizon.

Another Knock

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OP decides to approach the neighbors once more, extending an olive branch. This time, the conversation aims to understand rather than confront. Both families stand at a crossroads, looking for a path forward.

The Resolution

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While tensions still simmer, the two families reach a tentative agreement. Boundaries are respected, with each understanding the other’s perspective. Once a point of contention, the fence begins transforming into a symbol of unity.

Was The Neighbor’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts the story online for feedback and advice from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “You have every right to say no, it’s your fence, and you’re not obligated to someone else, especially when they didn’t even bother to ask first.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “I would never let anyone attach their fence to our post. They would have to put their own in. Make them spend the extra money to do so.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “I don’t understand this whole not sharing fence costs. Does that mean where there are two fences, there is like six inches of dead space between them?”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “If a neighbor doesn’t want to split the cost of a new fence that would sit right on the property line, they are not allowed to attach whatever fence they build to yours unless they have permission.”

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