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Her Neighbor Sprayed Weedicide on Her Lawn, Killing Her Two Rabbits, And What Followed Threatened to Tear the Community Apart.

When the Original Poster’s (OP’s) neighbor carelessly sprays weedicide on her lawn, it tragically leads to the death of OP’s two pet rabbits and leaves another critically ill. As OP gears up for a legal battle against the neighbor, the tension escalates, and the outcome remains uncertain.

An Unwanted Favor

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OP wakes up to the sight of her neighbor, Karen, spraying weedicide on OP’s fenced-in lawn, claiming it was to rid OP of an annoying weed problem. OP, however, actually likes dandelions, considering them beneficial for bees. Moreover, OP’s pets – rabbits, dogs, cats, and a tortoise – often play, eat, and interact with the grass, making the weedicide a serious health hazard.

A Trespass and Its Consequences

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Despite ousting Karen, the damage had already been done. Two of OP’s beloved rabbits end up dead, with another critically ill, victims of the poison-laced throughout their habitual feeding ground. Concerned about the long-lasting effects of weedicide, OP decides to confine her pets indoors, changing their lifestyle drastically.

Seeking Legal Retribution

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OP chooses to sue Karen, citing damage to her property, veterinary bills, and emotional trauma due to the loss of her rabbits. She seeks to frame her case as one of animal abuse or at least criminal damage, hoping to bring justice to her pets. However, the complexity of proving ill intent becomes a hurdle in the pursuit of legal action.

A Community Divided

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Amidst the turmoil, OP faces conflicting views from her family and girlfriend. They suggest that she may be overreacting, arguing that Karen’s actions were well-intentioned if misdirected, and advise seeking compensation for the vet bills alone. Yet, OP remains firm in her stance, adamant that Karen must face more severe consequences.

Past Conversations Resurface

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A previous conversation with Karen about the state of OP’s lawn emerges as a point of contention. OP had clearly stated her preference for a natural, dandelion-rich lawn, yet Karen disregarded this. It becomes clear that Karen’s actions were not only intrusive but also disrespectful of OP’s clear wishes.

Familiarity Betrayed

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Considering Karen’s frequent requests to let her child play with OP’s rabbits, it seems implausible that she was unaware of the animals’ habits. OP used to cycle her rabbits across different parts of her lawn, allowing them to feed on the dandelions. Karen’s actions thus seem even more damaging, betraying the familiarity they once shared.

The Fight Strengthens

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Taking advice from well-wishers, OP decides to ramp up her security measures, installing a camera and a padlock for her fence. A necropsy is arranged for the deceased rabbits, providing crucial evidence for the case. OP’s resolve in seeking justice strengthens.

Denial and Accusations

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When confronted about the rabbit deaths, Karen responds dismissively, insisting that the weedicide isn’t a pesticide. She shrugs off the deaths as unrelated illnesses, refusing to take responsibility. OP is left frustrated and angry, and her trust in Karen is completely shattered.

Tragic Confirmation

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The necropsy results come back, revealing the devastating truth. The rabbits, indeed, died due to corrosion to their internal organs caused by the weedicide. Even the surviving rabbit has minor injuries, forever scarred by the traumatic event.

The Search for Justice Continues

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OP reaches out to a lawyer, eager to push forward with her lawsuit. The lack of immediate response is frustrating but does not dampen her determination. She is prepared to fight for her pets, no matter the cost.

A Stricken Garden

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The vet points out that the weedicide used was likely not a commercial herbicide, given the chemical burns it caused and its effect on OP’s crabapple tree. Part of her yard near the fence and pool is now barren, reflecting the destructive aftermath of Karen’s actions. OP is left with not just the loss of her pets but also a damaged garden.

A Grieving Household

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Back at home, the surviving pets adjust to their new indoor lifestyles. The joy of playing in the open yard is replaced with the safety of staying indoors. A palpable sense of loss hangs in the air, a stark reminder of the rabbits that once hopped around freely.

The Legal Battle Begins

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The lawyer finally responds, and preparations for the lawsuit begin. OP, armed with the necropsy reports and her own testimony, prepares to face Karen in court. The fight for her pets’ justice and her own peace of mind intensifies.

A Final Stand

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In this ongoing battle, OP’s resolve remains unwavering. She’s ready to challenge any obstacles that might arise in her pursuit of justice. No matter the outcome, OP is prepared to see this fight through to the end for her beloved pets and for the sanctity of her home.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “So sorry for your loss! Losing a family member should be enough to convince any human with a heart to support you!”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “Don’t trespass, don’t mess with people’s property, if you want to do something “nice” ask permission.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “The fact that she went into your backyard, which is fenced, and started spraying it down “to help” is absolutely bizarre, but the fact that you have lost your pets, as a result, is even worse.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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