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She Inherits a Luxurious Apartment and Offers Boyfriend a Discounted Stay, But His Reaction to Having to Pay Anything Sparks Unexpected Turmoil.

A young woman, the Original Poster (OP), finds herself grappling with financial tension and trust issues in her relationship when her live-in boyfriend refuses to contribute equitably to their shared living expenses. The conflict escalates when hidden debts, past financial scandals, and a disputed inheritance threaten to unravel their relationship completely.

An Unexpected Inheritance

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OP, a young woman, inherits a spacious two-bedroom apartment from her deceased grandmother. The financial relief of living mortgage-free enables her to clear her student loans efficiently. Initially, she rents the extra room to a friend in need, highlighting her generous nature.

Co-Habitation Begins

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OP’s boyfriend, John, starts spending most of the week at her place. After his lease expires, he officially moves in with OP, taking over the second bedroom. At first, he contributes to groceries and utilities, sharing domestic responsibilities.

Unemployment Strikes

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Two months into cohabitating, John loses his job, resulting in financial instability. OP graciously relieves him of his share of the expenses. John is temporarily absolved from contributing to utilities, groceries, and other expenses.

Resentment Creeps In

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OP begins to feel resentment, triggered by bearing the full financial burden. Although she can afford it, the discrepancy in their contributions and the potential savings she’s missing out on trouble her. John receives financial support from his parents but spends it on other personal expenses rather than contributing to their shared home.

A Return to Employment

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John secures a new job after a period of unemployment, regaining his financial stability. OP proposes he resumes contributing to rent, utilities, and groceries, sparking a new dynamic in their relationship. She asks for a significantly discounted rent compared to the area’s standard rates, displaying her continued fairness.

Tension Surfaces

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John begrudgingly agrees to contribute to the utilities and groceries but expresses discontent with the idea of paying rent. He argues that he is still recuperating financially and views the rent as OP trying to profit from him. The decision to ask for rent creates friction in their relationship.

Inability to See Eye-to-Eye

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OP struggles to understand John’s perspective, given the discounted rate and the fact that she has been covering all expenses. She is surprised by his reaction, having believed her request to be reasonable. Their differing viewpoints create a deeper rift in their relationship.

A Dispute Over Principle

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John is displeased not only with the immediate financial request but also with the principle of being charged rent when OP owns the property outright. His perspective reveals a fundamental difference in their views of fairness and shared responsibility. This becomes a recurring issue in their relationship.

Friends Take Sides

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OP seeks advice from friends, causing a divide in their mutual friend group. Some side with John, arguing that OP is financially secure enough not to charge him rent, while others side with OP, emphasizing the importance of financial contributions in a shared living arrangement. This conflict spreads beyond their relationship and impacts their social dynamics.

Reconsidering the Relationship

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Several of OP’s friends suggest this conflict presents another side to John, and perhaps she needs to reconsider the commitment to their relationship. OP is left reconsidering if she should continue this relationship with John.

The Final Decision

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In the face of mounting pressures, OP decides it is time to make a decision about her relationship with John. She questions whether she can trust John and if their relationship can survive the financial disputes. OP is not sure this minor dispute is significant enough to throw away their growing bond and relationship. She turns to an online community for advice.

What Should the Woman Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “You didn’t loan him any physical money, but it sounds like you saved him thousands by letting him mooch off of you or find a place to live himself. He’s an adult who expects other people to support him – his parents, now you. Take a hard look at that and a long think about whether or not this relationship is worth it.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “I think it’s weird to charge a significant other rent if you own the place. Sharing the utility bills and living expenses makes sense, but it seems like you want him to live with you, right? It’s not like you are losing out on cash flow either since you weren’t renting it out beforehand either.”

A Third View On The Story

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A different person states, “Asking him to contribute a small rent, which you can put aside for repairs/maintenance/furniture and other house costs, seems extremely reasonable to me.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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