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Bride-to-Be Clashes with Mother-In-Law Over Her Wedding Dress Choice, But the Real Fight Started Once the Couple Returned From Their Honeymoon.

A woman is upset with her mother-in-law (MIL) for criticizing her white dress decision at the woman’s engagement party. Later the MIL becomes obsessed with wearing white to all the subsequent wedding-related events herself, and a feud ensues.

The Woman Gets Engaged

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OP gets engaged to her partner and announces the news to her mother-in-law (MIL). MIL is over the moon and offers to help with the wedding planning. At first, the MIL was excited and happy for them.

She Wears a White Dress To Her Engagement Party

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The woman, a bride-to-be, attends her engagement party hosted by her future in-laws. She wears a white dress with floral embroidery, which is a hit with the guests. Her mother-in-law, however, is not pleased and makes a passive-aggressive comment about the dress.

The Mother-In-Law Wears a White Dress To The Woman’s Bridal Shower

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Her future sister-in-law organizes the woman’s bridal shower. The OP wears a pink dress, but her mother-in-law shows up wearing a white dress with a pink floral pattern. The OP’s friends are shocked and upset and feel that the MIL is trying to upstage the bride.

The Wedding Dress

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The woman goes wedding dress shopping with her mother and sister. The OP tries on a white dress that she loves, and her mother and sister agree it’s perfect. Later, her mother-in-law asks to see the dress. After seeing her white dress, the MIL tells the woman that she shouldn’t wear white because she has already been living together with her son.

The Bachelorette Party

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The woman’s bachelorette party is a night out on the town with her girlfriends. She wears a black dress, but her mother-in-law shows up at the same restaurant wearing a white dress. The MIL tells the OP that she is wearing white because she wants to “stand out in the pictures.” The OP recalls, “I was so fed up with her. I didn’t understand why she kept trying to steal my spotlight.”

The Rehearsal Dinner

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The woman wears a red dress to the rehearsal dinner, but her mother-in-law shows up wearing a white dress with silver embroidery. The woman’s future husband confronts his mother and tells her that she needs to stop wearing white to all of the wedding events.


The Wedding Day Outfits

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The woman wears her beautiful white wedding dress on her big day. Her mother-in-law shows up wearing a cream-colored dress with white lace trim. The mother-in-law tells the bride that she doesn’t see what the big deal is because “it’s not like I’m wearing a white dress.”

The Mother-In-Law Makes a Wedding Speech

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The mother-in-law gives a toast at the wedding reception and comments on how the bride looks beautiful in her white dress. She then proceeds to talk about her own wedding and how she wore a white dress too. “I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe she would do that in front of all of our guests,” the OP writes.

After the Honeymoon

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The couple goes on their honeymoon, but when they return, the mother-in-law is waiting for them at the airport, wearing a white shirt with a black skirt. The mother-in-law tells the bride she is wearing white because she is still celebrating and is “excited to see the wedding pictures.”

Her Husband Talks to His Mother

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She talks to her partner about it, and he agrees that his mother is out of line. He later confronts his mother about her behavior leading up to the wedding. Afterward, the MIL reaches out to the OP and apologizes for her behavior. The OP accepts the apology but is still wary of MIL.

Was the Woman Wrong?

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Did the woman overreact?

The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here’s how several of the readers responded.

Forum Responded

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One person wrote: “What is wrong with that MIL?? What did her son say to all of this?”

Another Viewpoint

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Another reader responded, “This was the first I had ever heard of the ‘women can’t wear white to a wedding rule,’ and although it made sense, maybe the woman was just old and oblivious.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on the woman’s actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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