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Cunning Bride Stops Her Mother-In-Law From Sabotaging Her Wedding Day, Afterwards the Bride Cuts the Woman Off For Good.

The Original Poster (OP) recounts the contentious relationship with her mother-in-law (MIL) and the latter’s disruptive antics during her wedding. From dress-fitting drama to wedding day theatrics, the OP reaches her breaking point trying to preserve the sanctity of the wedding despite the MIL’s best attempts to sabotage it.

A Matrimonial Prelude

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The OP recounts how her wedding was dedicated to her own terminally ill mother, who had a career as an extravagant wedding planner. To honor her mother’s dreams and sacrifices, she and her husband gave her the reins to plan their wedding. This decision brought immense happiness to her mother, who shone brightly on the wedding day.

The Dress Fitting Dilemma

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The OP had to deal with her mother-in-law (MIL), who showed no interest in OP’s wedding dress but instead insisted on trying on bridal gowns herself. When the OP and a saleswoman suggested she try on dresses meant for the mothers of the couple, the MIL made a scene. “I want to make my ex (father-in-law) regret divorcing me when I walk down the aisle. I want him to drool,” she announced, shocking the OP and others.

The Compromise Dress and a Missed Fitting

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After the outrageous declaration, OP eventually managed to get MIL to agree on a slate gray dress. The dress was a more appropriate choice, unlike the mini-dresses and wedding gowns MIL was initially trying on. However, due to the drama, OP missed her own fitting and had to reschedule.

The Fatherhood Bombshell

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Later that night, the MIL dropped a shocking claim that her ex-husband might not be the fiancée’s biological father. This was yet another twist in the narrative that left the OP and her husband in disbelief. Fortunately, her husband dismissed this claim, not letting it disrupt the wedding preparations.

The Intervention of the Heroines

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OP’s Maid of Honor, wedding photographer, and OP’s big sister stepped up to the plate, vowing to handle MIL on the wedding day. Their intervention was a turning point, promising the OP a day as stress-free as possible. Their efforts allowed the OP to remain blissfully ignorant of most of the MIL’s antics during the wedding.

The Dress Fiasco

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On the wedding day, MIL showed up in an inappropriate dress, contrary to the one agreed upon. After convincing her to change into the appropriate gray dress, the photographer managed to prevent a potential disaster. This was just the beginning of the attempts to control MIL’s behavior during the wedding.

The Cake Catastrophe and Dance Dilemma

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MIL insisted on displaying the wedding cake early, causing some of the edible decorations to start melting off. The Maid of Honor quickly intervened, restoring the cake to its original state. MIL also insisted on a mother-son dance, causing her son anxiety until the wedding band and father-in-law intervened to diffuse the situation.

The Attention-Seeking Antics

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Throughout the wedding, MIL exhibited attention-seeking behavior, crying about “losing her baby boy” during significant moments. The photographer, however, managed to curb this by taking the MIL’s picture only whenever she wasn’t paying attention.

The Unwanted Lap Dance

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In a shocking twist, MIL instructed her elder son to give the OP a lap dance “for fun,” leading to a mortifying experience for the OP. This incident left the OP, and her family horrified, adding another layer of drama.

The Handmade Chuppah Critique

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MIL continued her criticism by condemning the handmade quilt that served as the couple’s chuppah, an item the OP had lovingly created to symbolize the couple’s union and Jewish heritage. In her view, this heartfelt gesture was merely “tacky.” The OP, however, remained unperturbed by MIL’s relentless negativity.

The Unwanted Social Butterfly

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Throughout the wedding, MIL ignored other guests, preferring to speak only to her best friend. She also chastised the children present for playing, despite this wedding being a child-friendly event.

The Foiled Speech Attempt

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When it came time for speeches, the MIL tried to take the microphone even though she wasn’t on the list of designated speakers. OP’s Maid of Honor intervened, physically removing the microphone from MIL, cementing herself as a true hero in the OP’s eyes.

The Disappearing Veil Mystery

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MIL “lost” OP’s handmade lace veil after trying it on during the meal. It was OP’s sister who found MIL in the bathroom, admiring herself with the veil on. She managed to retrieve the veil under the guise of helping the MIL adjust it.

The Wedding Triumph

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Despite the numerous disruptions caused by the MIL, the wedding was a success, thanks to the three determined women who shielded the OP from MIL’s antics. In the end, OP’s mother got her perfect day, and the couple, despite the drama, found happiness.

The Unraveling Aftermath

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In the days following the wedding, OP and her husband struggled to process the fiasco orchestrated by their meddlesome mother-in-law. The final straw came when OP received an email from the disgruntled mother-in-law criticizing every detail of their wedding and outrageously blaming OP for ‘ruining’ her experience of the event.

Confrontation and Closure

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Despite the tension, OP decided to address the situation head-on. She quoted MIL’s email verbatim to her husband: “You’ve ruined my experience of my son’s wedding,” and calmly responded with a recount of her attempts to accommodate her during the wedding planning and the event itself.

The Breaking Point

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OP’s husband stood by her side, and it was clear that his mother’s antics had caused a rift between them. The couple agreed they could no longer entertain her self-centered behavior at the expense of their own happiness.

Choosing Peace Over Chaos

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OP and her husband made the difficult decision to cut ties with MIL, prioritizing their peace and emotional well-being over maintaining a tumultuous relationship. The aftermath of the wedding had been a tipping point, pushing them to protect their new life together from unnecessary drama.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Your MIL needs to be in a psych ward.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “This could be a Hollywood movie. Your MIL is a mess. Your bridesmaids and photographer are amazing.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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