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After She Is Threatened By Her Mother-In-Law, She Exposes The Woman’s Dark Past and Delivers Sweet Revenge

The Original Poster (OP) and her fiancé must flee their hometown to escape the relentless wrath of her mother-in-law (MIL), who refuses to accept their relationship. As the MIL is being considered for a prestigious promotion at the university where she teaches, an unexpected email triggers a series of revelations that threaten to bring her dark secrets to light.

The Beginnings of a Nightmare

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The OP begins dating her university professor’s adopted son, which the professor (future MIL) despises. The MIL openly harasses the OP in classes by stopping lectures until the OP leaves, rescheduling the OP’s exams, and repeatedly telling the OP to break up with her son.

A Dangerous Allergy

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The OP, severely allergic to peppercorn, was invited to dinner by the MIL, who cooked a pepper-crusted turkey despite knowing about the allergy. Upon having an allergic reaction, the OP struggled to use her epi-pen, and the MIL withheld help, insisting the narrator break up with her fiancé. The situation was resolved by the fiancé, who administered the epi-pen and took the narrator to the hospital, while the MIL continued to deny the allergy’s legitimacy.

Pregnancy and Persecution

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The narrator becomes pregnant, prompting the MIL’s increasingly dangerous behavior, including stalking, impersonation, and breaking into the couple’s flat. The couple no longer feels safe and doesn’t know what the MIL might do, so they decide to leave town. “We had to leave our entire lives and everyone we knew and loved behind.”

Escaping the MIL’s Grasp

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The couple moves across the country, deactivating social media and changing contact information to escape the MIL. They settle into a new home, preparing for their baby’s arrival. Only a few trusted friends have their new contact details.

The MIL’s Promotion Opportunity

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An email from the university dean reveals the MIL is being considered for a promotion. The dean seeks glowing recommendations from students but receives a surprising response.

The Dean Learns the Truth

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A friend of the OP contacts the dean and notifies him of the MIL’s horrific behaviors. The narrator recounts the disturbing incidents, revealing the full extent of Susan’s abusive behavior. “I told her everything.”

Evidence and Support

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The OP and her fiancé provide names, proof, and video testimony to the dean, solidifying their story. The dean is horrified, realizing the gravity of the MIL’s actions both in and outside the university.

The MIL’s Dark History Exposed

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The OP’s husband reveals his mother’s abusive past, including manipulating students’ relationships and threatening academic careers. The MIL’s actions are shown to be a pattern of cruelty and control. “We also told the dean about [her] telling me to break up with my fiancé and vice versa.”

The Board’s Unanimous Decision

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The university board unanimously agrees that the MIL’s actions warranted dismissal. Her character and abuses of power have proven her unfit for her position, much less a promotion.

No Charges Filed

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The OP chooses not to file charges against Susan, believing the restraining order and relocation will provide the same safety. The OP prioritizes her tutor work and upcoming baby. “The baby is due in about eight weeks, and [the MIL] has already caused me enough stress.”

The MIL’s Reckoning

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Instead of being promoted, the MIL was given a week to resign or face being fired. Security was present at the meeting in case she reacted violently.

The Downfall of the MIL

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Friends back home share the truth about the MIL’s actions with the community, leaving her without any allies. Even her husband plans to divorce her, further isolating her from her former life.

No Regrets

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The OP feels no remorse for her role in the MIL’s dismissal, believing that the MIL’s actions had consequences. “Everything is 100% true, and while it was me who told the dean, I see this as [her] actions having consequences.”

The MIL’s Future

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Despite losing her job, the MIL has the financial means to support herself and could seek employment elsewhere, though likely not as a lecturer. The OP’s account has forever tarnished her reputation.

Moving Forward:

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The couple focuses on their new life, anticipating the arrival of their baby. They prioritize their safety and happiness over the chaos the MIL caused in their lives. The couple looks towards a brighter future, free from the MIL’s abuse and control.

Were The Couple’s Actions Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “One thing to be very careful about now that she has time on her hands is property listings and voter listings that are often freely available online, make sure your records are hidden if at all possible.”

Another reader wrote: “Justice had been served, to a degree. Congrats on the upcoming baby, just make sure you and your partner are she and completely out of her reach.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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