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Her Mother-In-Law Insists on Becoming the Full-Time Nanny, Forcing a New Mom to Take a Stand.

The Original Poster (OP) faces an overbearing mother-in-law (MIL) who insists on quitting her own job to become a full-time nanny for the OP’s child. This tension mounts as the OP struggles to maintain her patience while trying to assert her own parenting and career decisions, leaving us on the edge of our seats as we wonder how she will resolve this.

Shifting Dynamics

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The story begins with OP enjoying a cordial relationship with her mother-in-law (MIL). However, after having a child, OP notices a change in her MIL’s behavior, driven by a desire to exert control. As OP states, “As soon as I had the baby, she turned into someone who craves control.”

A New Path

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OP and her partner decided together for OP to leave her thriving corporate career to become a full-time mom. Later on, the OP plans to start her own business and work from home to bring in additional income while also tending to her child. This transition was an intentional choice, one that both OP and her partner agreed upon.

The Unexpected Proposal

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During a visit, MIL reveals her plan to quit her job and become the couple’s full-time nanny. OP is taken aback when MIL clarifies that she intends to look after OP’s baby, allowing OP to return to her previous full-time job. As OP notes, “You can imagine my shock when she said it was to look after my baby so I can go back to work full time.”

Gracious Rejection

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OP politely declines MIL’s proposal, explaining that she already gave notice and left her career to raise her child and manage her new home-based business. This decision was not made lightly, and she has no intention of returning to her previous corporate job. However, MIL seems frustrated and insists that when the baby starts school, OP must return to work.

The Unsettled Atmosphere

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As the tension grows, OP’s partner enters the room. Sensing the discomfort, MIL attempts to change the subject. However, OP stands her ground, reiterating her position and plans for her child and career.

A Displeased Partner

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OP’s partner is shocked by his mother’s presumption. He expresses his disappointment over his mother’s lack of understanding towards OP’s new business, which he perceives as dismissive. He wonders where his mother got the idea that they needed a full-time nanny.

Repeated Assumptions

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This is not the first time MIL has made assumptions about OP’s child and career choices. She even insists that OP and her partner should vacation alone while she cares for the baby. It’s a pattern of behavior that OP finds distressing.

Understanding the Root Cause

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OP realizes that her MIL’s pushiness stems from a place of love and a desire to be involved in her grandchild’s life. She understands that MIL had a significant role in raising her own daughter’s children, but she and her partner have different plans for their family. OP feels the need to assert this difference to her MIL.

The Struggle to Convey Differences

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Despite understanding MIL’s intentions, OP and her partner struggle to make her understand that their approach to parenting will be different. They wish to maintain their autonomy and control over their lives and the upbringing of their child, causing a significant difference in expectations.

A Crucial Decision

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OP is caught between her desire to maintain a peaceful relationship with her MIL and the need to assert her own decisions regarding her child and career. She’s concerned that the tension could lead to a significant family rift if not handled appropriately. Her anxiety about the situation continues to grow.

Balancing Roles

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OP finds herself balancing multiple roles as a new mother and a businesswoman. She loves being a full-time mom and also running her business from home. However, she feels the constant pressure from her MIL to fit into a role she has consciously decided against, creating a conflict of interests.

The Fear of Consequences

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OP is conscious of the potential negative consequences her outburst could have on her family’s relationships. She doesn’t want to cause any rifts within the family by responding rudely to her MIL. Still, she is acutely aware that she needs to assert her own needs and the needs of her child.

Seeking Help

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In a desperate plea for advice, OP asks for help on how to deal with the situation. She is looking for a way to firmly yet respectfully communicate her feelings to her MIL. As OP articulates, “Help!” it is clear that she’s at her wit’s end, seeking support and guidance to navigate this tricky family dynamic.

What Should The Woman Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “The issue is she never asked; she just tells you what she has decided for you, your kids, career, etc., which is overstepping and controlling.”

Another responder wrote: “A good relationship with good grandparents is an amazing luxury. They add so much quality to a child’s upbringing. But bad grandparents? They’re more harm than good.”

A different person states, “She’s being sneaky by talking to you only; again, that’s not good. She may have plenty of good qualities, but as an outsider looking in, she wants to play house with your baby. ”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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