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Her Mother-in-Law’s Disrespectful Behavior Towards Her Baby Forces a Drastic Decision

The Original Poster (OP) faces continuous hostility from her mother-in-law (MIL), who makes a series of hurtful comments and actions. As the couple navigates through pregnancy, the tragic loss of their baby, and another pregnancy, they must decide whether to give the mother-in-law another chance, knowing that her presence may cause more harm than good.

Meeting the Family

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The woman first meets her partner’s family at his little sister’s soccer game, only to receive snide comments about her appearance. The family continues to ignore her at his other sister’s graduation, excluding her from photos. “Fine. Whatever, I don’t really know them, but it made me feel really uncomfortable,” she writes.

Family Holidays and Rude Behavior

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After getting married, the woman spends the holidays with his family, enduring more rude behavior and unpleasant Facebook comments from her mother-in-law. Her MIL is also a competitive dance teacher, adding tension to the relationship. The OP attends the MIL’s events, but MIL makes no effort to sit with her or be kind.

The Dance Drama

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During one dance competition, the mother-in-law badmouths the OP to one of her dance student’s parents, causing drama. When confronted, the MIL denies it and sends the OP an angry text. “I should have more grace than to start issues,” the MIL writes.

Her Sister-In-Law Gets Pregnancy

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The woman’s sister-in-law is an unmarried teen who becomes pregnant and confides in the OP, who tries to support her. The mother-in-law, however, continues to make things difficult, excluding the OP from the baby shower. The OP is hurt but gives the presents she bought for her sister-in-law anyway.

OP’s Pregnancy Announcement

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The OP becomes pregnant and waits to announce it until after the sister-in-law’s baby is born. When they share the news, her mother-in-law skips the gathering, misses the announcement, and later calls her son with unkind words.

Mother’s Day Exclusion

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The mother-in-law drops off a Mother’s Day gift for the baby but nothing for the OP. “I didn’t expect anything, so I wasn’t shocked.”

The Baby Shower Regift

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Her husband convinces the woman to invite his family to the baby shower. The mother-in-law and family attend, only to regift the OP the same present she had given to her sister-in-law. The OP is mortified but keeps quiet.

The Couple Has a Child

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The mother-in-law visits the hospital after OP gives birth, criticizes OP for not allowing her son to eat in front of her, and brings him food. She later becomes upset that she isn’t allocated as long of a visit as the OP’s mother.

The Tragic Loss

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Sadly, the OP’s son dies of SIDS at three months old. The mother-in-law’s kindness vanishes, and she causes further pain by arguing over the funeral arrangements.

The Funeral Drama

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Her mother-in-law calls her son the morning of their child’s funeral, upset that the nephew isn’t allowed to attend. She calls OP “nasty names” and skips the service, making the day even worse.

She Cuts Off Her Mother-In-Law

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The OP and her husband decide they must cut off the mother-in-law, and the OP plans to keep permanent no contact. She refuses to let her mother-in-law be a part of another child’s life after the disrespect she showed their son.

A New Pregnancy

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The OP becomes pregnant again, but MIL begins to weasel her way back into her son’s life. The OP stands firm in her decision to keep her out of their lives.

The Struggle Continues

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As the couple navigates their new pregnancy, they must decide how to handle the ongoing tension with MIL. The woman wished to maintain no contact, while her husband thinks they should give his mother a chance.

The Relationship’s Impact

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The ongoing conflict with the mother-in-law takes its toll on the couple’s relationship. Can they find a way to move forward together and protect their growing family?

What Should They Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of the readers’ responses…

Forum Responded

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One responder wrote: “History has shown that being nice doesn’t work. MIL is a bully and enjoys seeing you suffer. I’m truly sorry… for so much.”

Another reader wrote: “I’m amazed by your composure. You have acted like a grown-up at every turn despite the actions of your MIL.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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