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America’s Least Favorite Banks and Why Customers Say They Dislike Them

Some American banks fall short of meeting their clients’ expectations. Numerous factors contribute to a bank being disliked, from poor customer service and excessive fees to involvement in scandals that breach trust. Let’s take a look at the most disliked banks in America.

Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo faced a major scandal when it was revealed that employees had created millions of fraudulent accounts to meet sales targets. This led to massive fines and eroded customer trust and tarnished the bank’s reputation. Despite efforts to rebuild, many customers remain skeptical of its practices.

Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs, primarily known as an investment bank, has faced backlash for its role in various economic crises and its perceived lack of ethical business practices. The bank’s involvement in controversial dealings, such as the Malaysian 1MDB scandal, has led many to view it with suspicion and disfavor. As a result, its public perception is often negative.

Bank of America

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Bank of America often receives criticism for its high fees and poor customer service. The bank has been involved in numerous controversies, including improperly foreclosing on homes during the financial crisis. Such actions have left many customers feeling mistreated and undervalued.


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Citigroup has faced its share of dissatisfaction due to its role in the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent bailout. Customers have reported frustration with its customer service and lack of transparency in fee structures. Additionally, the bank’s involvement in high-profile legal settlements has done little to improve its public image.

JPMorgan Chase

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As one of the largest financial institutions, JPMorgan Chase has not been immune to public scrutiny and dissatisfaction. Issues have ranged from high fees and interest rates to controversial investment practices. Despite its size and resources, the bank has struggled to maintain a positive relationship with many of its customers.


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HSBC has been criticized for its involvement in money laundering and other illicit activities. These scandals have significantly damaged its reputation among consumers, leading to a lack of trust in the bank’s operations. Many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction through public forums and social media.

Morgan Stanley

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Morgan Stanley has sometimes been perceived negatively due to its high fees and the complexity of its financial products, which can be off-putting for average consumers. Additionally, its role in the financial crisis and the subsequent bailouts has left a lasting impression of mistrust among the public.

PNC Financial Services

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PNC has faced criticism for its fee structure and customer service, which some users find lacking compared to other regional banks. Complaints often focus on the difficulty of resolving issues through its customer service channels.

U.S. Bank

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U.S. Bank has been flagged by consumers for its overdraft fees and mortgage handling practices. Customers have reported feeling nickel-and-dimed by various charges that seem designed to maximize the bank’s profits at their expense.

SunTrust Banks

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Before its merger with BB&T to form Truist, SunTrust received considerable flak for its handling of customer accounts and information security. Issues with transparency and customer data breaches particularly damaged trust levels. Many former customers continue to harbor resentment towards the brand.

Capital One

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Capital One is often criticized for high interest rates on its credit products and aggressive marketing tactics. Customers have expressed frustration with what they perceive as predatory lending practices. The bank’s approach to fees and credit management has made it unpopular among many consumers.

Fifth Third Bank

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Fifth Third Bank has faced issues with its fee structure and the clarity of its customer agreements. Many customers feel that the bank’s policies are not customer-friendly, citing hidden fees as a major issue. This has led to a general atmosphere of distrust and dissatisfaction among its clients.


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Prior to merging with SunTrust, BB&T had its own share of customer complaints, particularly regarding its online services and account management. Customers often felt that the bank’s technology was not up to par with industry standards, leading to frustration and inconvenience. The merger has done little to assuage these concerns among long-time customers.


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KeyBank has been subject to customer dissatisfaction due to its branch closure policies and the perceived inadequacy of its customer service. Clients have reported feeling abandoned when branches close with little notice, disrupting their regular banking activities. This lack of consideration for customer needs has negatively impacted its reputation.

Santander Bank

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Santander has been criticized for its handling of loan products and customer service. Customers have reported deceptive practices related to auto loans and difficulties with loan management. These issues have tarnished its reputation and made it one of the less trusted names in banking.

Regions Bank

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Regions Bank has faced backlash for its customer service and handling of account errors. Consumers frequently mention issues with account management and resolution of banking errors as significant problems.

TD Bank

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TD Bank has experienced customer backlash due to unexpected fees and less-than-transparent communication about account changes. Clients have expressed dissatisfaction with how changes are communicated and implemented, feeling caught off-guard by policies that affect their financial management. This lack of clear communication has eroded trust.

Ally Bank

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Despite being a prominent online bank, Ally Bank has faced criticism for issues related to account lockouts and customer service responsiveness. Online banking issues, particularly during outages, have left customers feeling helpless and frustrated when they cannot access their funds.

Comerica Bank

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Comerica has garnered negative feedback from customers who feel it does not adequately meet their needs in terms of technology and user-friendly services. As banking increasingly moves online, customers have reported that Comerica has struggled to keep pace with more technologically advanced competitors.

Union Bank

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Union Bank has faced customer dissatisfaction due to its perceived lack of competitive financial products and customer service issues. Customers looking for modern banking services and competitive rates often find Union Bank’s offerings lacking. This perception has steered potential clients towards more dynamic financial institutions.

Citizens Bank

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Citizens Bank has been criticized for its overdraft policies and the clarity of its customer communications. Customers often feel that the bank’s policies are designed more with the institution’s bottom line in mind rather than the financial well-being of its clients.

Synovus Bank

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Synovus Bank has encountered customer disapproval concerning its fee structures and the accessibility of customer support. High fees, coupled with difficult-to-reach customer service, have left many users dissatisfied with their banking experience. The bank’s approach has often been viewed as not aligned with customer-centric service.

BMO Harris Bank

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BMO Harris has faced scrutiny over its integration of technology in banking services, which some customers find lacking compared to other major banks. Issues such as mobile app glitches and online banking outages have caused inconvenience for its users.

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