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10 Wildest Professions People Are Embarking On Today.

Paparazzi: Professional Stalkers or Just Good at Hide and Seek?

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One user thought of paparazzi as professional stalkers, and most folks agreed. A second person mentioned the horrific experiences of Tobey Maguire and Britney Spears. News is filled with many tales of celebrities begging to be left alone. And this isn’t even the worst. Another person talked about how any small interaction a star has becomes dramatized and exaggerated by the paparazzi. 

Self-Proclaimed Finance Experts: Making Money Off Your Desperation

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Folks lost it over the concept of self-proclaimed social media finance experts. While having no credibility, many such gurus will tell you how they became wealthy by selling you an educational product about becoming rich. As one person pointed out, that is essentially how the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad made his money. The book encourages MLM! They’re just snake-oil salesmen in disguise, selling you their get-rich-quick schemes that are more like get-poor-quick scams.

Food Scalpers: Making a Profit by Doing Absolutely Nothing

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And now we have food scalpers? What’s next, air scalpers? Oh wait, that’s just called airline ticket pricing. Someone mentioned how they charge extra for placing an order on your behalf. Through their marketing power, food scalpers take hold of local restaurants, making folks order through them instead of authentic eateries. 

Insurance Deniers: Making Medical Decisions Based on a Magic 8 Ball

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Whoever decides if insurance companies cover a medical procedure is the forum’s most hated professional. Angry moms tell us horror stories of how their C-section was not considered an essential procedure. It’s a shame that insurance often does not cover several critical processes.

MLMs: “Morons Losing Morals.”

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Someone told us how their mother only managed to make money because of her devotion to recruiting people over selling products. These pyramid schemes are like cults, with members constantly recruiting others to join their downlines.

Pet Communicators: When You Need Someone to Translate Your Dog’s Insults

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Yes, you heard that right; pet communicators are a thing. One person reported that pet communicators are extremely popular in their country. A second user narrated how a pet communicator explained why one dog attacked another. Spoiler alert: it’s because one of them called the other fat. That’s fair enough.

Life Coaches: Because You’re Not Lost, You’re Just Confused

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If someone in their twenties claims to be a life coach, run in the other direction. As someone pointed out, this is an absolute lie. After all, how can someone be a life expert when they haven’t lived long enough? I’d like to see them try after their mid-life crisis. 

Influencers: The Cool, the Entitled, and the Delusional

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Influencers tend to get a lot of hate online. Many are notorious for their ungrateful attitude. However, as one person pointed out, many kinds of influencers exist. Some are cool and unique individuals, while others are obnoxiously entitled. 

Psychics: When You Need to Hear That Your Late Grandma is Proud of You

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One person voiced their disgust for psychics who use people’s grief and claim they can communicate with the dead. They told the forum users about how a self-proclaimed psychic in the family would make disturbing suggestions now and then. One says, “Unfortunately, people were willing to believe such nonsense.”

Televangelists: Putting the “Con” in “Conversion.” 

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Using religious rhetoric to scam people is a new way of stooping low. As someone pointed out, it is absurd to see these folks ask for a ridiculous amount of money from followers in the name of spreading God’s message. “It’s like they think God is their personal ATM.”

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