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She Held a Mysterious Weekend Job That Paid Well, But When Her Husband Questioned How She Spent Her Time There, Their Marriage Was on the Line.

The Original Poster (OP) and his wife’s four-year marital journey hits a rocky terrain when differing opinions about their professional lives create a chasm between them. While OP grapples with financial constraints and desires for his wife to take up additional employment, she fiercely clings to her mysterious high-profile job and leisure-filled weekdays. As family intervenes and tensions mount, one wonders if their love can navigate these stormy waters.

An Unconventional Schedule

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OP and his wife have been married for four years. During this time, the wife’s unique and secretive job requires her to be away most weekends. Additionally, she works during some public holidays.

Financial Disparities

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OP works full-time, earning just above minimum wage with tips. While he sometimes struggles financially, his wife’s earnings from her high-profile client allow her greater comfort. The bills are split 60/40, with her covering the larger share.

A Secretive Profession

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Though her job connects to her degree, the wife remains secretive about her exact role. She assures OP it’s not related to any inappropriate industries. Her confidentiality stems from a binding contract she’s signed.

Culinary Choices

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While the wife tends to house chores, she never cooks. She never learned how and is too impatient to learn. Instead, she orders premade healthy meals or takeaways for herself, and if OP is home, she ensures he gets food, too.

Leisurely Days

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On weekdays, the wife often relaxes at home, indulging in TV shows, video games, reading, or exercising. She also spends time shopping or at the gym. OP perceives this as a lack of productivity.

A Plea for Change

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Growing frustrated over the years, OP suggests his wife find additional employment. He hopes this would fill her free time and even out their respective workloads. She counters, emphasizing her satisfaction with her current lifestyle and job.

Clashing Perspectives

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OP believes it’s unfair he returns exhausted while his wife has had a restful day. She retorts that if he’s unhappy with his job, he should find a new one. She stands firm against changing her current employment situation. Following their disagreement, the wife stops communicating.

Seeking External Counsel

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OP’s growing resentment is becoming hard to ignore, so he consults his family for opinions on the matter. His parents echo his sentiments, believing the wife should find additional work. However, his sisters are more sympathetic to the wife’s stance.

Sibling Reactions

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OP’s sisters firmly take his wife’s side. They label him as inconsiderate for his viewpoint. Their intervention complicates matters further, but OP insists he is not asking his wife to quit her job, which he financially benefits from.

Deep-Seated Issues

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OP hopes she’d consider part-time work to fill her free days. Beneath the surface, the couple’s disagreement hints at deeper concerns. There’s an evident disparity in their financial situations and lifestyle preferences.

Lifestyle Choices

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The wife values her leisure time and the flexibility her job offers. Her career enables her to maintain a lifestyle she enjoys. She perceives no reason to alter this balance, believing if OP is unhappy, then he should make changes.

Emotional Strains

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The couple’s differing views strain their emotional connection. Feelings of misunderstanding, resentment, and hurt overshadow their relationship. Effective communication becomes paramount.

An Unyielding Stance

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Despite the conflicts, OP’s wife remains steadfast. She has no intention of seeking another job. Her contentment contrasts starkly with OP’s growing unrest. The involvement of OP’s family in their personal matters adds complexity.

Was The Husband’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online, looking for sympathy and validation. What he found instead made him question his choices. The readers in the forum had a lot to say on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “She gets paid well and gets to relax, but you’d rather she suffer working the same way you suffer than you’d have financial security.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “Instead of worrying about what your wife is doing with her time, why don’t you make a plan to better your own work situation?”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “Are you concerned because you don’t know what she does? Do you want more time with her, and your different schedules prevent that?”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “She has a job she enjoys; she gets paid well, and you expect her to give that up because you’re miserable?”

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