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Co-Worker Constantly Leaves Work Early, But He Would Never Thought That Exposing His Colleague Would Massively Backfire.

In a workplace teetering on the edge of crisis, the Original Poster (OP) battles the ongoing negligence of a co-worker, Veg, whose disregard for responsibilities pushes the firm toward financial repercussions. As the stakes escalate and the potential losses for their boss Ron become painfully apparent, OP finds themselves grappling with an ethical dilemma – expose Veg’s chronic negligence or silently pick up the pieces to avert disaster.

Two Managers, One Responsibility

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OP and Veg are managers at the same establishment, both responsible for inventory and administrative work. The division of work becomes a problem, as Veg shows a pattern of neglecting his duties, leaving OP with an increased workload. OP attempts to address this with Veg, but the conversation results in no tangible changes.

The Unseen Burden

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OP takes on the additional work to avoid repercussions on the store, even coming in during off-hours to handle unfinished tasks. The issue of Veg’s negligence becomes apparent to their superior, Ron, but no serious actions are taken. OP’s frustration grows as Veg continues to avoid his duties, relying on OP to complete his tasks.

A Meeting With Ron

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Desperate for a resolution, OP organizes a meeting with Ron and Veg. Ron suggests paperwork to track daily tasks, hoping to instigate accountability in Veg. However, this plan backfires as Veg fails to comply, further increasing OP’s workload with no change.

Ron’s Vacation and the Fallout

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Ron, planning a three-week vacation, delegates tasks between OP and Veg while dealing with another issue – a staff member quitting because of Veg. Additionally, Ron asks Veg to maintain communication with OP and to share the project load. He leaves his boss’s contact information in case his assistance is needed, unaware of the impending chaos.

Deadlines and Silence

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Following the start of Ron’s vacation, OP finds that Veg continues his pattern of negligence. After fulfilling his tasks, OP attempts to contact Veg regarding unfinished work but receives no response. The job stalls, the silence grows, and stress mounts for OP.

Consequences Looming

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The unfinished projects carry significant weight: they are tied to Ron’s bonus salary and his boss’s too. OP could take over Veg’s part but is torn between picking up the slack and demanding accountability. An unfair burden remains on OP’s shoulders.

The Love for the Job

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Despite the difficulties, OP reveals a strong attachment to his job and has no intention of quitting. However, the growing frustration with Veg’s behavior is becoming a strain. OP grapples with how to navigate this delicate situation.

The Unaware Boss

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Unbeknownst to Ron’s boss, these internal conflicts persist. Ron, having failed to take decisive action against Veg, unintentionally contributed to the predicament. The clock ticks down, with only eight days remaining until Ron’s return.

The Dilemma of Accountability

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In the face of Veg’s constant disregard for his duties, OP considers presenting evidence of Veg’s neglect of Ron and his boss. OP grapples with whether this action would make them seem petty despite Veg’s clear neglect. With the unanswered question lingering, OP teeters on the edge of a major decision.

A Major Failure

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Two days off work leave OP coming back to a catastrophe – Veg has not touched the assigned work. Despite numerous calls and texts from OP, Veg remains unresponsive. OP is left with the daunting task of handling the load alone.

The Weight of the Decision

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OP is faced with a crucial decision – complete Veg’s tasks or let the projects fail, impacting Ron and his boss’s bonuses. Despite his love for the job, OP realizes he can no longer sustain this unhealthy dynamic. The weight of the decision weighs heavily on OP.

The Ultimatum

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With only a few days left, OP gathers evidence – logs, and photos of his own work and unresponded texts to Veg. He plans to present this proof to Ron and his boss, hoping it will finally prompt action against Veg. The decision could potentially reshape the dynamics of their workplace.

The Endgame

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OP, with evidence in hand, contemplates the potential ramifications of their next steps. Will his evidence be perceived as legitimate concern or seen as petty behavior? As Ron’s return looms, OP must make a choice.

Was Exposing His Co-worker’s Laziness Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Veg has learned that you will always pick up the slack. I don’t think your boss understands the full extent of this. You need to let things play out. Keep everything documented. Track your progress and Veg’s. Consequences need to happen.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “Ron verified that you could reach out while he was gone. Take that as permission and do it.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “It’s not your job to earn Ron’s bonus for him.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Nobody is going to fire Veg until he causes the company problems, costs higher-ups money, and makes them look bad. You have been keeping all that from happening by doing Veg’s work. Time to stop.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a thread from an online forum.

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