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She Used Makeup to Express Herself Despite Her Girlfriend’s Protest, But Her Bold Statement Turned Their Private Conflict Public.

In a candid confession, the Original Poster (OP) sheds light on the rift between personal expression and societal expectations channeled through makeup. As the tale unfolds, an argument between OP and her girlfriend over their conflicting views unfolds in a dramatic grocery store outing. Yet, as tensions rise, the true resolution remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Opposites Attract

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OP and her girlfriend met at a bar and took an instant liking to one another. OP is a 22-year-old with long blonde hair and a classic style. Her girlfriend is 28-years-old with short brown hair and a toned athletic build. She tends to wear masculine-leaning outfits.

New Beginnings

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OP and her girlfriend have been dating for over a year and recently moved in together. While the transition has been smooth for the most part, there is one area of contention that continually creates problems.

The Artistry of Makeup

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Since high school, OP has nurtured a passion for makeup. Spending over an hour on her face when time permits, she considers this process a crucial aspect of her routine and expression. It is an enjoyable daily ritual for her.

An Oppositional View

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OP’s girlfriend holds a starkly different perspective, viewing makeup as a tool of oppression. She feels strongly against its societal demands, believing that no woman should feel compelled to wear it publicly.

Post-Pandemic Party

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As the world begins to reopen after pandemic restrictions, an argument erupts between the two women because OP took longer than anticipated to prepare for a party due to her makeup routine.

A Car Ride’s Outburst

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During the car ride to their friend’s party, the disagreement escalates. OP’s girlfriend expresses her frustration, linking OP’s makeup habits to perpetuating gender stereotypes. She accuses OP of succumbing to society’s standard of beauty and “looking pretty for men.”

Creative Expression or Societal Expectation?

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Defending her stance, OP argues that her makeup is more than just an accessory to look attractive for men. Instead, it’s a canvas of creative expression, a sentiment deeply personal to her. OP tells her girlfriend she’s insecure and projecting.

A Pointed Retort

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The girlfriend, however, challenges this notion, pointing out the similarities between OP’s “creative” makeup and societal beauty standards. The underlying question is: Is it truly self-expression if it conforms to what’s conventionally attractive?

A Temporary Truce

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Although the car ride was tense, both women eventually apologized to each other. A semblance of peace is restored, though the underlying issue remains unresolved. Days after their disagreement, the couple plans a trip to the grocery store.

The Cirque du Soleil Stance

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However, OP is taken aback when her girlfriend emerges from the bathroom, her face painted in an elaborate design. Channeling a Cirque du Soleil clown, the girlfriend claims her face paint is her own form of “creative expression.”

Embarrassment and Retort

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OP’s girlfriend challenges her views on what constitutes expression. Fearing public judgment, OP states her reluctance to accompany her girlfriend in such attire. The atmosphere becomes charged, with feelings of embarrassment and anger colliding.

Harsh Words Exchanged

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OP’s girlfriend calls her a derogatory term. This sharp escalation amplifies the emotions already running high between them. After their altercation, OP seeks external opinions on the situation, wondering if she’s at fault.

The Depth of Expression

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The couple argues over what constitutes genuine expression – personal preference or societal expectations. For OP, makeup is an avenue of self-expression, while her girlfriend sees it as a reflection of society’s demands.

Second Thoughts

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The couple has only been living together for a short while, which makes OP consider whether their relationship is sustainable. OP enjoys wearing makeup because it makes her feel good about herself. Should she be in a relationship with someone who wants to control and shame her?

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts her story online for feedback and judgment from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Your girlfriend has a right to be annoyed about being made late and has a right to make a complaint about that but does not have the right to manipulate the argument to impose her values about makeup-wearing on you.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “You say you’ve been into makeup for a while. You know how long it takes. Plan accordingly. It’s VERY FRUSTRATING being the partner of someone who is late.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “She sounds passive-aggressive and judgmental. It’s your prerogative to wear makeup if you want to, and she should accept that without all the histrionics.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “She is doing it to belittle you and try to prove how right she is, and not conforming to her view, which is diminishing your individuality.”

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