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Jobs That Can’t Possibly Exist When Your Kids Grow Up

Advancements in technology are causing positions from across the spectrum to disappear from job boards. From the clatter of typewriter keys to the flickering lights of the video store, examine the careers that are going extinct.

Cashier at Brick-and-Mortar Stores

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In an era where self-checkout lanes and online shopping dominate the retail landscape, the role of a traditional cashier has become nearly obsolete. Automation and advanced payment technologies have made transactions faster and more efficient, eliminating the need for manual cash handling. As a result, the once-common sight of a friendly cashier greeting customers and ringing up purchases has faded into a quaint memory of the past. The impersonal efficiency of machines has replaced the personal touch of human cashiers.

DVD Rental Store Clerk

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The days of browsing through aisles of DVDs, picking out a movie for the weekend, and chatting with the clerk about the latest releases are long gone. Streaming services have taken over, offering instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at the click of a button. The DVD rental store clerk, once a guide to the cinematic universe, has been relegated to a nostalgic figure in the age of digital entertainment. Algorithms and online reviews have replaced human interaction.

Newspaper Delivery Person

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The digital revolution has transformed how we consume news, making the newspaper delivery person a relic of a bygone era. With real-time updates available on smartphones and tablets, waiting for the morning paper has become an outdated practice. The once-cherished ritual of retrieving the paper from the doorstep and flipping through its pages over breakfast has given way to scrolling through headlines on a screen.

Travel Agent

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The rise of online booking platforms has dramatically changed the travel industry, making the traditional travel agent increasingly rare. Travelers now have the world at their fingertips, able to research, plan, and book their trips without leaving their homes. The personalized service and expert advice of a travel agent have been overshadowed by the vast array of options and user reviews available online.

Typewriter Manufacturer

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In an age dominated by digital text, the typewriter, once a staple of offices and homes, has become a collector’s item rather than a communication tool. The craftsmen and manufacturers who once meticulously assembled these mechanical marvels have turned their skills to other pursuits. The soft taps of computer keyboards have silenced the click-clack rhythm of typewriter keys.

Film Projectionist

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The transition from analog to digital cinema has rendered the film projectionist a nostalgic memory. The art of threading film reels and ensuring the perfect projection of movies on the big screen has been replaced by digital files and automated systems. The projectionist’s booth, once the heart of the movie theater’s magic, now stands empty more often than not.


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Digitalizing library catalogs has made the traditional librarian’s role almost obsolete. What once required meticulous handwriting and a deep understanding of the Dewey Decimal System is now accomplished with a few keystrokes. The physical card catalog, with its tangible sense of discovery, has been replaced by online databases.

Fax Machine Salesperson

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The rise of email and digital communication has all but eliminated the need for fax machines, rendering the fax machine salesperson a figure from another time. The once-essential office equipment, known for its distinctive whirring and beeping as it transmitted documents, has become a rarity. The salesperson who once championed the latest in fax technology now navigates the world of digital communication solutions. The immediacy of digital messages has overshadowed the slow transmission of faxed documents.

VHS Tape Manufacturer

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With the advent of digital media, the VHS tape, once the cornerstone of home entertainment, has become a relic. Manufacturers who once produced these magnetic tapes en masse have shifted their focus to new technologies. The ritual of rewinding a favorite movie to the beginning has been replaced by the ease of pressing a button to start over. The physical collection of tapes has given way to digital libraries, accessible from anywhere.

Encyclopedia Salesperson

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The digital age has transformed the way we access information, making the door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson an anachronism. Online resources and search engines offer a breadth of knowledge far beyond what any set of books can provide. The comprehensive and authoritative volumes once sold by these salespeople have been replaced by the Internet.

Camera Film Developer

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The shift from film to digital photography has greatly diminished the demand for film developers. The intricate mechanical workings of film cameras, which require skilled hands for maintenance and repair, are becoming less common. Digital cameras and smartphones have replaced film cameras for most photographers, both amateur and professional.

Pager Sales Representative

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The pager, once an essential communication tool for doctors, emergency services, and business professionals, has been overtaken by the capabilities of modern smartphones. The sales representatives who specialized in these devices have had to adapt to a world where information and communication are instant.

Manual Toll Booth Operator

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The automation of toll collection on highways and bridges has made the role of the manual toll booth operator increasingly rare. Electronic toll collection systems allow for seamless travel without the need to stop and pay tolls manually. The friendly exchange between drivers and toll booth operators has been replaced by the impersonal efficiency of technology. The convenience of automatic toll payment systems has rendered the manual collection of tolls a thing of the past.

Analog TV Repairman

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The transition to digital television broadcasting has significantly reduced the need for analog TV repairmen. As older televisions are replaced by modern, digital-compatible models, the skills required to fix them become less in demand. The once-familiar sight of the TV repairman adjusting antennas and tubes has faded, replaced by the digital clarity of flat-screen displays.

Printed Map Cartographer

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The widespread use of GPS and digital mapping services has transformed the field of cartography, making the traditional printed map cartographer’s role less common. The painstaking process of drawing and updating physical maps has been overtaken by the dynamic, real-time updates of digital maps. The tactile experience of unfolding a map and tracing a route with one’s finger has been replaced by zooming and scrolling on screens.

Bank Teller

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The digital transformation of banking, with online transactions and ATM services, has significantly reduced the need for traditional bank tellers. The personal interaction and service provided by tellers have been replaced by automated systems and online banking platforms. The ritual of visiting a bank for routine transactions has given way to the convenience of managing finances from anywhere, at any time.

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