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Her Mother Steals Her Inheritance, So She Embarks on a Journey to Reclaim Her Stolen Legacy.

In this thrilling account, the Original Poster (OP) uncovers her mother’s fraudulent appropriation of her rightful inheritance, leading to a family conflict of epic proportions. As the tension escalates, the OP wonders if justice will ever be served.

The Unseen Inheritance

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When OP opens a letter from a Life Insurance company, she learns about a $160k inheritance from her late father. However, she was puzzled to find out that her mother had already claimed this money by posing as her. This was despite her mother already having received a $500k inheritance herself.

Unpleasant Confrontation

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Upon confrontation, the mother reacted defensively, insisting it was “her money.” The situation changed when OP revealed she had contacted the insurance company and received proof of the fraud. This sent the mother into negotiation mode, offering her daughter a mere fraction of her rightful inheritance.

False Pretenses

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OP’s mother attempted to manipulate her by claiming she would end up “homeless” if the entire inheritance was claimed at once. However, a check of her bank statements revealed over $300k in funds, along with a significant income from her job. OP quoted her mother’s outrageous claim as “Homeless, my a**.”

Moving Out

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OP expressed a desire to move out and needed a substantial amount of the inheritance to do so. Her mother was slow to release any funds, hindering OP’s plans. Eventually, $50k was reluctantly handed over.

A Loan Requested

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Not long after the initial payout, the mother requested a “loan” from the OP of $20k to secure a new home. She used the threat of taking OP’s future school savings as leverage to borrow even more money. OP reluctantly agreed, feeling pressured by her mother’s passive-aggressive tactics.

A Coerced Bank Visit

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Under her mother’s insistence, OP accompanied her to the bank to withdraw the $20k. This transaction took place on October 3. This signified the start of a long and frustrating wait for her mother to make repayment.

The Demand for Repayment

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Almost two months later, OP asked for a $2k repayment, prompting her mother to react with silence and avoidance. A day later, her mother broke into dramatic tears over a phone call, accusing OP of misuse of money with quotes like “What are you doing? Drugs?” and “You’re just doing this because you’re behind in your life and you’re desperate.”

The Four-Hour Argument

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Days later, a massive argument erupted between the two women, lasting a grueling four hours. OP was so disgusted with her mother’s behavior that she decided to sever all relations. This marked a significant shift in the dynamics of their relationship.

An Unexpected Apology

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Surprisingly, the mother approached OP with an emotional apology, offering to give $500 immediately and another $500 later. However, her suggestion came off as an odd and insufficient attempt at reconciliation. OP was left confused and angered by her mother’s inconsistent behavior.

Silent Retaliation

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OP found it increasingly difficult to conceal her anger, creating a palpable tension in the house. When her mother noticed and questioned it, she again referred to the money, repeating her previous accusations. The mother’s refusal to acknowledge her deceit only served to escalate the conflict.

Accusations of Lying

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Fed up, OP confronted her mother, accusing her of lying about the term of the loan. The mother, unable to handle the confrontation, left the house in a huff. Later, she transferred another $500, seemingly in an attempt to placate her daughter.

The No Contact Decision

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Despite the partial repayment, OP stopped talking to her mother altogether. The mother’s persistent sense of entitlement to the inheritance infuriated OP. She resented her mother’s disregard for her financial struggle and her need for the inheritance.

The Demand for Respect

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In their last climactic confrontation, OP expressed her anger and disillusionment towards her mother, demanding the respect she deserved. The statement “It’s my money! Legally! Get over it!” reflected her determination to fight for her rights. Her frustration was exacerbated by her mother’s belief that her own needs superseded OP’s.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Don’t tell her you are going to sue her! Get an attorney, sue her and the bank. You will get your $160k plus damages. She committed fraud. You will regret not doing it, but whatever you do, DON’T tell her!”

Another responder wrote: “Put the bank on notice. They released funds without the OPs go ahead. They are also responsible.”

A different person states, “Why are you being miserable for her? She’s very likely ruining your credit and aspects of your future. You don’t owe her anything. You need to stop this before it’s too far.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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