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Estranged Mother Visits Son and Demands His Recent Inheritance, But a Shocking Discovery About Past Payments Exposes Startling Realities.

In an emotionally charged saga of family betrayal and inheritance disputes, the Original Poster (OP) is thrust into a battle against his long-estranged mother, who resurfaces with unjust demands for his father’s legacy.

Father’s Demise and the Unexpected Inheritance

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OP’s father passes away, leaving him with a legacy that stands in stark contrast to his mother’s absence. OP shares his father’s belongings with his aunts and uncles, demonstrating the values of generosity and family solidarity instilled by his father.

The Unwanted Visitor

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Years after cutting ties, OP’s mother mysteriously appears on his doorstep, eliciting mixed feelings. She claims to have come for a visit, but OP suspects her motives are not entirely genuine.

The Disconcerting Lunch

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During a tense lunch, the mother brings up the topic of OP’s father, expressing her resentment at being left out of his will. OP’s suspicions grow, realizing that her interest in the inheritance might be the primary reason for her sudden appearance.

Greed Unveiled

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The mother demands a share of the inheritance, arguing that OP’s father owed her child support. Despite her neglect and abandonment, she tries to justify her claim by invoking past responsibilities.

Unresolved Past

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OP recalls living with his mother as a child and receiving monthly checks in the mail from his father, supposedly as child support, which his mother would spend entirely on herself. This detail adds another layer of complexity to the mother’s unjustified demands.

A Blatant Demand

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In a shocking turn, OP’s mother demands a few thousand dollars from him, asserting her entitlement to the inheritance. Her audacity stuns OP, making him question her motivations further.

Confrontation and Ejection

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OP stands his ground, refusing his mother’s audacious demand and ordering her to leave his apartment. The confrontation escalates, revealing the vast emotional distance between them.

The Guilt Trip

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His mother turns to emotional manipulation, accusing OP of disrespecting her after she drove over 10 hours to see him. Her cries ring hollow, given her intentions to acquire his inheritance. OP demands his mother leave his home, and she reluctantly leaves.

A Harsh Parting

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Following their brief afternoon together, OP’s mother lashes out with text messages, vowing never to contact him again. OP is left in the apartment, a mixture of relief and sorrow washing over him as he contemplates the end of this bitter chapter.

Relentless Harassment

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Post-confrontation, OP’s mother does not contact him for nearly one week. Inevitably, she then reaches out, resorting to incessant calls and messages, attempting to wear OP down. Despite his best efforts to maintain his stance, he finds his resolve wavering under her relentless pressure.

A Difficult Choice

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Tormented by his mother’s harassment, OP contemplates giving her the money to buy peace. However, the ethical dilemma of succumbing to her unjust demands weighs heavily on him.

Unveiling a Hidden Truth

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In a surprising twist, OP investigates his mother’s claim on child support and uncovers evidence that supports his father had indeed been paying child support. This revelation further delegitimizes his mother’s claims and fuels OP’s resentment toward her.

The Inheritance Dispute

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OP’s mother claims she is taking her case to a lawyer, escalating the conflict. She persists in her attempts to grab a share of the inheritance, further straining their already tense relationship. OP is not worried or intimidated as he does not believe she will pursue this matter legally, most likely just continuing to harass him.

The Aftermath

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Life settles down for OP after another few weeks. He is finally free from his mother’s relentless harassment and false claims as her message cools to only several per week. His inherited wealth, untouched by her greed, offers him a fresh start and the opportunity to honor his father’s legacy.

Was The Man’s Decision Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Don’t give her a dime. My mom sent money to my adult brother every month up until she died. Guess who he came to after she was gone? I was an idiot. I ‘lent’ him money whenever he needed it; it was always some end-of-the-world excuse to twist my heartstrings and make me feel like I owed him.”

“I finally cut him off because he’s a married adult, and I’m his little sister who is barely getting by. Every message he sent me had become an anxiety attack. Giving [your mom] anything is a direct invitation for her to keep asking.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “I do want to give you this book recommendation – The Adult Child of the Emotionally Immature Parent

It sounds like it would really resonate with you and help you deal with the kind of mom you have. It can help you become more okay with setting boundaries and No Contact. I hope this helps, and I wish I had more to say.”

A Third View On The Story

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A different person states, “Ultimately, it helps to remember that nobody is ever OWED an inheritance. The money and property belong to the person who passed away, and if there was a will, those were their final instructions as to what was supposed to happen to their possessions.

In other words, tell your mom that if your dad had intended for her to get something, she would have been in the will. You keeping the money is just following his wishes.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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