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Woman Discovers Husband’s Infidelity When He Misses Their Child’s Birth, But Her Next Decision Leaves Him Stunned.

When the Original Poster (OP), a new mother of Indian origin, uncovers her husband’s infidelity and an unexpected pregnancy on the day of her own child’s birth, she’s thrust into a vortex of betrayal and emotional chaos. As her husband deserts her to care for his mistress and their premature, disabled child, OP faces a crucial decision that could change her life and her child’s future. Faced with unbearable circumstances, she plans an escape that leaves one to question: what will become of OP and her baby girl?

A Joyous Beginning, A Shocking Twist

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OP, an Indian woman, was thrilled at the birth of her half-Indian, half-American daughter. However, her joy was shattered when she discovered her husband was having an affair with their young, mentally unstable neighbor. In a further twist, the neighbor declared she was pregnant with OP’s husband’s child.

Deserted in the Hospital

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As OP was in labor, the neighbor fainted, leading to her husband abandoning OP alone in the hospital to attend to his mistress. Despite the devastating betrayal, OP gave birth to her daughter. However, her husband, after briefly acknowledging their child, promptly left the room.

A Difficult Choice

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Two days later, OP’s husband made the decision to move out in order to care for his emotionally fragile mistress. He continued to support OP and their daughter financially, but his visits became infrequent. Meanwhile, his mistress’s condition worsened, resulting in repeated hospital visits.

The Mistress’ Struggle

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The mistress gave birth prematurely, adding a further complication to the situation. Their child was born with numerous disabilities, resulting in hefty medical bills. OP’s husband was left trying to balance the financial, emotional, and time demands of the two families.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

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During one of his rare visits, OP overheard her husband’s phone conversation with his mistress. He promised her that he would always prioritize their child over his firstborn, leading to a deep emotional wound for OP. It was clear he viewed his relationship with OP as a duty rather than one of love.

Turning to Her Roots

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Shattered, OP contacted her parents back in India and disclosed the whole story. They, in response, urged her to return home. Struggling with the situation, she realized she was alone in the US, with no family or close ties other than her unfaithful husband.

A Lifeline From the Past

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OP received unexpected support from her former boss in India, who, upon hearing her predicament, offered her a job back home. Given the circumstances, it felt like a lifeline and made the possibility of moving back a lot more feasible.

A Mother’s Brave Step

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Concerned for her daughter’s well-being in a broken home, OP decided to take a brave step. She planned her escape and returned to India with her daughter in tow. She vowed never to return to the US and initiated divorce proceedings.

The Legal Loophole

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OP had not technically abducted her child by fleeing to India because the country is not a signatory to the Hague Child Abduction Convention. Also, there wasn’t a custody order or arrangement in place. She found herself safe from US laws in case her husband attempted to get their child back.

The Angry Backlash

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OP’s husband started to contact her constantly after she left the US. Her parents, in an attempt to shield her, blocked him everywhere. In the wake of OP’s drastic decision, some of her friends accused her of unfairly severing her daughter’s relationship with her father.

The Crucial Crossroad

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OP found herself at a crossroads. She had to balance the accusations of being a ‘horrible mother’ with the knowledge that she had protected her child from a toxic environment. The tension between her friends’ judgment and her personal conviction grew.

Home Sweet Home

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Returning to India, OP found solace in her homeland. The familiarity and support she received helped her regain her strength. Despite the whirlwind of her recent past, she began to see a path toward a brighter future.

A Life Reclaimed

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OP had gone from a betrayed wife in a foreign country to a single mother with a promising career in her homeland. Though the journey was marked by severe emotional trials, she had emerged stronger, with her daughter by her side, ready for whatever life might throw at them next.

Was Taking Her Child Back to India Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “ This is actually kidnapping. Your interpretation of the law is moronic. By leaving the country with your child, without the knowledge and agreement of your spouse, you committed a crime.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “He lied to you, knocked someone else up, prioritized their pregnancy over your baby’s birth, and even admitted to not caring or loving your baby as much as the other. You did the right thing.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “I can’t even imagine this situation. All you can do is your best and tell your child the truth as they grow up.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “Being a parent means putting your child first. Your ex is a horrible human being, a horrible spouse, and has proven himself to already be a horrible father (to YOUR daughter, anyway). Neglect IS ABUSE.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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