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Her Husband Abandons His Parenting Duties and Prioritizes Golf Over Family, So She Takes Matters into Her Own Hands.

The original poster (OP), a mother of a three-month-old, explains that she is exhausted from taking care of her baby without much help from her husband. She wants a break, even for a few hours during the weekend, to take some time for herself.

She’s Exhausted and Needs Help

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The OP is a new mother who is completely exhausted from taking care of her baby. Her husband has not provided much help, and she is surprised he does not care to be more involved with their baby. She writes, “He comes home from work, goes straight into his office, and rarely comes out to help.”

She Requests More Help

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The OP says that she has tried to get equal help from her husband during the week, but she’s now given up on it. She is now asking him to give up some of his golf time on the weekends to give her some time to herself.

He Doesn’t Want To Give Up Golfing

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The woman reveals that her husband is a big golfer and has spent almost every weekend golfing since their son was born. He spends both Saturday and Sunday out of the house for 6-8 hours, sometimes even longer.

He’s Hanging Out at the Club

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The OP shares that her husband could be home much sooner, but he thinks part of his “golfing” is spending several hours hanging out around his club with his buddies drinking after playing a round of golf.

He Refuses to Change

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The OP has asked her husband many times to consider only going one day or leaving right after he finishes his game, but he absolutely refuses. He gets upset and tells her he needs time to relax and de-stress.

She Feels Unseen and Unheard

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The OP expresses her frustration that her husband doesn’t seem to understand how much she does around the house and how tired she is. She feels like he acts like she has no reason to be tired or wants him to help her more.

She Is Disappointment in Her Husband

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The OP is disappointed in her husband’s behavior, saying that she never thought he would be so absent once they started a family. She states, “I don’t know what else to tell him at this point. I honestly never thought he would be so absent once we started a family, so I’m extremely disappointed in him.”

She Doubts Her Ability

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The OP questions if she is not doing a good job as a mother or if she is somehow the problem or asking too much of him. She wonders what else she can do to get her husband to do more or if she should leave him alone.

Empathy From Other Parents

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Many commenters empathize with the OP’s situation, saying they have been in similar situations and understand how exhausting it can be to care for a baby without much help. Several commenters suggest that the OP and her husband seek counseling to work through their issues.

Readers Suggest Taking a Break or Setting Boundaries

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Other commenters suggest that the OP take a break herself and leave her husband with their son for a day to show him how much work it takes. Some suggest that the OP needs to set boundaries and communicate clearly with her husband about her needs and expectations.

She Takes Action

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The OP gets fed up with her husband and insists they go to counseling and set new boundaries with her husband. She hopes that things will improve in their relationship and that her husband will start to help her more.

His Behavior Doesn’t Change

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Now months later, the OP has no positive feedback for the forum. She’s still exhausted and doesn’t think counseling is making an impact. Instead, she is seeking more help and looking for further advice.

What Should She Do Now?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here’s how several of the readers responded.

Forum Responded

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One person wrote: “Your husband is not being a husband, and he’s not being a father. He needs to step up and start being a PARTNER.”

Another reader responded, “Ask him again, and if he says he’s ‘busy, and needs personal time,’ respond with “well, I am busy raising our child 24/7, and I get no personal time.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on the woman’s actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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