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Horrible Boss Meets Her Match When an Employee Exposes Her Incompetence with a Brilliant Plan.

In a dead-end hospital data center job, the Original Poster (OP) faces an unbearable supervisor, Karen, whose negligence even led to a patient’s death. Pushed to their limit, OP hatches a masterful plan to oust the toxic supervisor, but will it work?

The Dead-End Data Center Job

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The OP worked at a hospital data center in the network operations group, sitting in a room next to the servers. The job had become a dead-end opportunity due to new specialized hardware and software, which was slowly taking the place of the team members. The team wasn’t allowed to interact with network equipment, reducing their responsibilities.

The Sociopathic Supervisor

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Karen, who had been at the hospital for over 20 years, became the OP’s supervisor. She was a narcissistic woman and was universally disliked. OP quotes her as saying, “You will fail,” to another colleague on the first day Karen was promoted.

The Unionized Hospital Bureaucracy

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The hospital had a ‘just cause firing policy’ due to unionization, making it nearly impossible to fire an employee. One employee even recently was caught taking computer equipment and kept their job.

Patient Death and No Consequences

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Karen’s negligence with paperwork led to a patient’s lack of care and, ultimately, death, yet she was not fired. HR reasoned Karen didn’t “directly” lead to harm. Karen showed no remorse.

The Paper Trail and Karen’s Evasion

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The OP kept a record of Karen’s mistakes and tried to follow the process for termination. Karen figured out how to resist the attack by claiming harassment, making it impossible to fire her.

The Net+ Exam Plan

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OP devised a plan to require everyone in the network operations center to pass the Net+ exam, which would lead to better titles, pay raises, and more responsibility. Everyone but Karen was expected to pass as she had minimal experience with technical IT and networking.

Three Years of Red Tape

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OP spent three years in meetings with HR, directors, and the CIO to get the plan approved for increased pay for certification. They had to navigate through job description meetings and bureaucracy to ensure significant pay raises.

Approval and Exam Requirements

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The plan was finally approved, and OP included the exam requirement in their own job description. This demonstrated their commitment to the team and created a new minimum standard to cover for others on-site.

The Team’s Success and Karen’s Failure

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The hospital provided training, materials, and paid time for studying. Everyone passed the exam on the first attempt except for Karen, who failed three times.

Karen’s Delusional Accusations

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Karen believed the entire plan was a conspiracy against her and told everyone within earshot. OP secretly acknowledged that, while it sounded insane, it was true in this case.

Karen’s Termination and OP’s Triumph

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The OP recalls the time and date she was told that Karen was fired. It was the most satisfying moment in her career, and they felt justified due to her danger to patients and coworkers.

A Hero’s Welcome

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OP was congratulated like they had just won a marathon or had a child. Even the CIO was happy for them, as they no longer had to deal with Karen. Morale in the data center improved, and coworkers found better opportunities.

Improved Morale and Opportunities

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Those who stayed enjoyed more money and job security. Stress levels dropped without Karen’s presence. Newcomers were told stories of Karen, which seemed exaggerated but were true. The workplace was now free of her toxic influence.

Was The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “As a doctor, I’ll bite and say Karen’s not on the line for that one.”

Different Perspective

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Another responder wrote: “It disgusted me to hear that a patient’s death wasn’t enough to get her fired.”

Another Viewpoint

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A different person states, “Three years just for the changes? You have the patience of a Saint. How long were you working with Karen in total?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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